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      • a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets

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        a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets enables you to completely personalize the layout & style of your a3 Portfolio right from the a3 Portfolio dashboard without touching the code.Install the plugin and start styling the Portfolio to match your theme. No coding skills required. Styling a3 Portfolio to Match Your Theme a3 Portfolio is a state of the art plugin with Sass style sheets. There a 2 ways to edits the Sass style sheets. 1. Be or hire an advanced CSS code who is familiar with the Sass language and is able to use .less to recompile the Stylesheets after they are edited. or 2. Purchase a one time payment Lifetime License for a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets Plugin - install it and do it yourself in minutes and tweak the design anytime you like. Sass Dynamic Stylesheets Dynamic Stylesheets allow users to do what advanced CSS coders can do without ever even looking at the code. It is all done from the plugins admin menu via click. As you make style and layout edits with the point and click setting you are actually write code like a CSS / Sass programmer. When click the button your edits are auto recompiled with .less and saved. You style tweaks are showing on the front end for the world to see. Installing Dynamic Style sheets plugin adds the Dynamic Stylesheets menu right into the a3 Portfolio dashboard. Style your Portfolio Item Cards The portfolio Item Cards are the showcase to your images and the gateway to your Portfolio Item content. a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets allows you to create any unique Item card style you want. You will find the style settings for that under the Item Card tab on the Dynamic Style sheets menu. The card style settings are sorted into 3 sub-menus one for each of the Elements that make up an Item card. Below is a image / diagram of the structure of an Image card as a developer views it. Style the Item Expander The Item expander is what you see when you click on a Portfolio Card. a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets enables you to edit not only the expander style but also the layout and style of the content within the Expander. Check out the style that these customers have created with a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets. These site owners are business owners, the only code they have ever heard of is Morse code. Winton Outback Motel, Park Motel. Under the Item Expander tab you will find all of the Dynamic Stylesheet settings to style and change the layout of the Item expander. Below is a image / diagram of the structure of the Item expander as a developer views it. Style a3 Portfolio Nav Bar Tabs a3 Portfolio Nav Bar Tabs are auto created from the Portfolio Categories that you create and turn OFF to show on the Portfolio page. Portfolio Category Pages and Portfolio Tag Pages. a3 Dynamic Stylesheets allows you to style these to perfectly match your theme. Here is an example. Under the Nav Bar tab you will find all of the settings for creating a tabs design to match your site. Below is a image / diagram of the structure of the Nav Bar Tabs as a developer views it. Lifetime License When you purchase an a3 Portfolio Dynamic Portfolio once only payment Lifetime License you get: 1. The a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets Add-on plugin. 2. Lifetime maintenance updates. 3. Lifetime feature upgrades. 4. Lifetime support for the plugin via Live Chat Express support and via the plugins a3rev support forum. 5. The License comes with 1 site activations. Additional sites can be added to the license at any time at an automatic 30% discount to the current Lifetime License price.

      • a3 Portfolio Dynamic Gallery

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        a3 Portfolio Dynamic Gallery will transform your static Item Expander Gallery and or Item post image gallery into a beautiful slider in PC, tablets and mobile devices. Static to Dynamic Image Galleries Install the a3 Portfolio Dynamic Gallery plugin and your static galleries will come to life on the Item Expander and the the item posts. Don't rely on site visitors to click on a static thumbnail to see all of the images in your gallery. Set Dynamic Gallery to auto / select a transition type and all of your images will slide through the Gallery while the Expander or post is open. Watch the video we made to show you just how easy it is to add the Dynamic Gallery feature to your a3 portfolio to really showcase your images to your site visitors. Installing Portfolio Dynamic Gallery    

      • a3 Portfolio Item Switcher

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        a3 Portfolio Item Switcher a3 Portfolio Item Switcher when installed allows your site visitors to easily scroll through all of your portfolio items right from the first item expander that they open. When installed and activated the plugin adds a < Previous and Next > arrow icon to the left and right edges of the open expander.  When the user clicks on those arrows the next or previous item appears in the open expander. It makes it and very fast to switch from item to item without having to open and close the expander for each item. The image below is from a client site - see how the < Previous and Next > icon arrows are added to the left and right of the open item expander. These icons and the container are Dynamic style which allows you to create a style that matches your theme.   With the Item switcher the user does not have to click on each item card to open the expander. Once 1 expander is open the user can scroll through the entire portfolio from the expander screen. It is a beautiful User Interface and user experience.   The best way to see that is check it out for yourself on this demo site. Mobile Browser Interface The a3 Portfolio Item Switcher contains its own unique mobile phone interface that features Users can tap or swipe through the entire portfolio from any opened item expander. It is an app like experience and visually stunning.   Full Shortcode Compatibility The a3 Portfolio Item Switcher plugin is fully compatible with the a3 Portfolio Shortcodes plugin. Item Switching works with Item cards inserted as individual cards (more that 1), Portfolio Categories and Portfolio tags inserted by shortcode. You can see that in action here on the a3 Portfolio Shortcodes product page.

      • a3 Portfolio Shortcodes

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        This plugin adds advanced shortcodes feature to the a3 Portfolio Plugin. Use a3 Portfolio Shortcodes to embed the entire Portfolio 0n a page, post or in a widget. The advanced shortcodes embed button can be found on the WordPress Visual editor once the a3 Portfolio Shortcodes plugin is installed and activated. The advanced shortcode embed button looks like this on the editor. Click the button and the Insert Shortcode pop up panel allows you to set the type of Portfolio you want to insert. Insert a Single Item Card The first section of the insert shortcodes menu is for embedding Items Cards into content. We have used the settings to embed 1 Item card into this content. Use the chosen smart selector to find and select any Portfolio Item from all published portfolio items. Once an item is selected then use the style and layout settings create the card size and position in the content. Set the size that you want the card to show in - in this case we selected 300px wide. Then set the alignment of the card. This works just the same as Aligning an image in text. In this case it is 'Left - Wrap' (Card Left and text wrapped to the right). You can even set custom margin around the card. This card has margin set at Top = 0px, Bottom = 5px, Left = 0px and right = 10px. Click on the card and you will see the expander works with shortcode. Insert Multiple Item Cards The advanced shortcodes allows you to select multiple items cards that are displayed in a container. Choose the number of cards to show per row. In this case we have selected 2 Items cards. We have set that the maxim container size in large screens is 600px with  - Aligned to the Right with text wrapped to the Left. Container padding is set at Top = 0px, Bottom = 5px, Left = 10px, Right = 0px Click on either card, you will see the expander open and you will see that the Item Switched < Previous and Next> feature works with single item cards when more than 1 is added by shortcode. Insert A Portfolio Category The next section on the advanced Portfolio shortcode pop up is for inserting portfolio categories. Select any Portfolio category from all categories and all of that categories Item cards will be displayed. After selecting a Category the only other setting is how many item cards should show per row. We have selected to show 4 per row. Notice the Portfolio Category title does not show. Click on any Item card and you will see that the Item Switched < Previous and Next> feature works with categories shortcode. Insert Multiple Categories Add any number of categories including sub categories. Each category selected will show on the Portfolio Nav Bar with all Item cards that are assigned to that category showing when the card is selected. Click the ALL button to see all items in this shortcode embed. In the above example we selected these Prortfolio Categories / Sub categories - Business , Motels, Professional, Sports Clubs. Notice that the  a3 Portfolio Isotope Free add on plugin Nab Bar Sort works with the shortcode. Also notice the Item Switcher feature is also supported with categories shortcode. Insert Portfolio Tags The third section of the advanced Portfolio Shortcode pop up is the ability to insert Portfolio Tags. Multiple Shortcodes on One Post Supports any number of Shortcode inserts on any post, custom post type, page or widget area. As you can see from the different configuration of Item cards inserted by shortcode on this custom post type (WooCommerce Product Page). Shortcode and Template Tags When installed and activated you will see a Shortcodes menu item has been added to the a3 Portfolio menu dropdown. On the Shortcode you will find the Full Portfolio shortcode and template tag for those who want to add the Portfolio by shortcode or want to add it to their theme templates. Also includes template tags for Portfolio Categories, Portfolio Tags and the Portfolio Items cards. Lightweight The Portfolio shortcodes plugin treads very lightly on any site it is activated on. It does this in 2 main ways. Only Loaded when Required. a3 Portfolio shortcode JavaScript assets are only loaded on pages or posts that have shortcodes embedded. This helps page load speed on your entire site as the Shortcode assets are only loaded on urls when the shortcode is present instead of loading on every page. Item Card LazyLoad Item Card Lazyload is a feature of the a3 Portfolio plugin. It is LazyLoad that allows the Portfolio with potentially 100's of items to load quickly.  When items, Categories, Tgas or the entire Portfolio are embedded by shortcode the lazyload is applied. Responsive and Flexible Layout Full PC browser, Mobile and Tablet responsive display is retained with shortcodes. In fact embedding by shortcode gives admin much greater flexibility in creating layouts incorporating Portfilio Item card and additional content (like this page). Full HTML5 card Architecture combined with Masonry flexible card layout. a3 Portfolio Isoptope Sort The super smooth a3 Portfolio Isotope Add-on feature is fully supported in all Portfolio and Item card configurations inserted by shortcode. a3 Portfolio Item Switcher The Item Switcher Add-on allows users to scroll through an entire portfolio from the open item expander. In mobile the user can tap < to switch to the Previous item or > to move to the next item. Mobile also supports touch swipe to next or previous item in the open expander. These features are fully supported in in all Portfolio and item card configurations inserted by shortcode. a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets Fully compatible with all styles created by admin/ developer using the Dynamic Stylesheets add-on (for non coders) Full Language Support Shortcodes is fully compatible with WMPL and has Back-end and front-end support for RTL display. This plugin is Translation ready. Purchase a Lifetime License This plugin is sold under the a3rev Lifetime License. This is a once only payment and includes: 1. Lifetime maintenance updates. 2. Lifetime Features upgrades. 3. Automatic Updates - works exactly the same as wordpress.org updates - update notices appear on your WordPress admin dashboard and updates can be run from the plugin and theme updates page. 4. Lifetime support for the plugin via Live Chat Express support and via the plugins a3rev support forum. 5. The Lifetime License comes with 1 site activation. 6. Add sites to a Lifetime License when and as you need them at an automatic 30% discount off the current license price. .

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      • Contact People Ultimate

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        Contact People Ultimate is the 'Ultimate' WordPress plugin for creating and displaying Contact Profiles for Groups of People, Organization, Company Departments, Stores, branch locations - just about any Grouping that you want to create. This plugin is available in 3 versions: Free Version - Contact Us Page - Contact People - If you have not already you can Download it here for free at wordpress.org If you already have the Free Version you are most likely here because you want the additional advanced features that the Ultimate version offers.

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      • a3 Responsive Slider

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        a3 Responsive Slider for WordPress A beautifully versatile and robust, responsive slider for WordPress.  Create Sliders and add by Widget, shortcode or for developers PHP tag. a3 Responsive Slider Uses Home page Feature Slider Create a Feature Slider for your sites Home page Add by Widget, shortcode or PHP tag Widget Sliders Add a slider to any widgeted area on your site Purpose built and fully customizable Widget Skin Shortcode Sliders Add a slider to any post, custom post type or page content by shortcode. Insert shortcode via the shortcode button above the WordPress editor Customizable Skins The a3 Responsive Slider allows you to completely customize the slider skins to match your theme. There are 5 completely customizable slider skins to use. Template 1 The template skins are your traditional slider skins where Title, Caption, Read more show on top of the slides Template 2 This is a second Slider skin Widget Skin Widget skins are for sliders added by Widget. They allow you to show the Title above or below the image and the Caption text and Read more are below the image. Card Skin Card Skin allows you to create a Blog Card style for the slider. Images show at the top of the card and Title, caption and read more below it on a Card Footer. Touch Mobile Skin. The plugin supports Touch Slide in mobile devices by default. The Default touch mobile skin by default removes Titles, caption and Read more from the slider. The Touch Mobile skin shows those under the image in mobile devises. Youtube Video Add Youtube Video to any slider. Dynamic Responsive display means that your videos show perfectly from PC's down to mobile phones. Ken Burns Effect In addition to the 8 2D transition effect the Pro version of the plugin supports the very popular Ken Burns Effect as a transition option.

      • WP Email Template Premium

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        WP Email Template does just 2 things - beautifully 1. Applies a responsive, customizable, optimized HTML email template to every email sent from your WordPress site including plugin generated emails. 2. Easy to use visual editor allows you to customize the style and header, footer content of your WP Email Template to match your site. Your Brand It does not matter if you are running a start-up 1 person blog or an e-commerce site with 1,000's of products you are trying to build a brand - your brand. WP Email Template ensures that when people interact with you via a comment on a blog post, an email inquiry, a purchase transaction, in fact any email communication between your site and them carries your branding. Advanced Style Settings The WP Template allows you to fine tune the style and content of your emails. See the plugins docs for a full description of the options. In addition the WP Email Template has these features: Social media Icons The template allows you to add links to your account on these social media channels with linked icons from the emails footer. * Facebook * Twitter * Linkedin * Pinterest * Google+1 See plugins docs for full description of this feature. Marketing and Promotion The WordPress visual editor in the Footer editor allows you to get very creative in designing your email footer. It turns your emails into a powerful marketing / promotion tool. Every email that goes out from your site should also include marketing and promotional offers. For example if you purchase a plugin right now the email receipt you get will have a footer with a promotional message like this.   Here is an example of a Beautiful template from a clients site in the USA -   Why we built it. We built this plugin because we believe it is important that every contact we have with our clients carries our brand. We just did not like those boring unbranded plain text emails WordPress generates and the unbranded HTML styling some plugins apply to our contact with our customers. So we built the WP Email Template to make sure that every contact our online customers have with us carries our brand. We have used it for a while now and just love it. Our inspiration for the WP Email Template came from the inspired work by the Mike,  James and Coen at WooCommerce. Plugins WP Email Template works with every plugin we have tested it on. Click on the gallery to see larger images of each of the examples below of plugins we use and how they look with the template. * Gravity Forms - looks sensational with the default Gravity style. * Contact Form 7 - see the screenshots * WP e-Commerce - applies the template to every store generated email to customers and admins. Read more about the WP e-Commerce Email Template here. * WooCommerce - if you have WooCommerce installed WP Email Template will replace the WooCommerce Email Template. You can change this in the plugins setting, see how to do this on the plugins docs - Working with WooCommerce Read more about the WooComerce Global Email Template here. * WP Mail SMPT - WordPress Email Template does not interfere with the way any WordPress or any plugin handles email output - it just applies the template to any output content. * BackupBuddy - I love it when even my admin emails are branded - see the screenshots Please let us know if you find a plugin that WP Email Template does not apply your template to that plugins email output. Documentation WP Email Template requires no set up or configuration. As soon as you install and activate the plugin, it applies the default template to all of your emails. If you wish to add your own custom style then visit the plugins admin page and use the simple visual editor. For the absolute WordPress beginner we do have full pictorial documentation on how to find and use the visual editor features. See the plugins documents on line at the a3rev wiki by clicking the Documentation button at the bottom. Localization. If you do a translation for your site please send it to us and we'll include it in the plugins language folder and credit you here with the translation and a link to your site. The Contact us form has a special section for submitting the .po and .mo files that you will find in the language file in the plugin. * English (default) - always included. * Russian - (wp_email_template-ru_RU.po) Thanks to Viktor Demidov *.po file (wp_email_template.po) in languages folder for translations.

      • a3 Content Navigation Widget

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        Introduction The a3 Content Navigation Widget (CNW) enables allows your readers to instantly scroll to content sections within any page, post or custom post type in PC, tablets or mobiles. Just install the widget in any sidebar area and it will automatically create a 'table of Contents' for the post or page. Each menu item in the table when clicked scrolls that section of the document up into the view port without reloading the page. How it works 1.The plugin auto creates a 'table of contents' from the H tags in the post or page content. 2. H tags are the WordPress Heading Tags created by the WordPress editor 3. The plugins automatically finds the top level H tag used - in this product page that is the H2 tag and creates those as the parent menu items for the table. 4. Any H tags of a lesser value inserted under the the parent H tag are created as child menu items in the table of contents. In this post the "how it works' title is a H3 tag. 5. When any 'table of Contents' menu item is clicked the content automatically scrolls to that section of the document. 6. The number of child hierarchy menus is only restricted by the 6 available  H tags Applying to Content The Content Navigation widget can be added to any sidebar. There is no restriction to the number of sidebars the widget can be applied to. There are 2 ways that the Content Navigation Widget can be applied to different content types. Supported Content Types. The CNW is activated for pages, and posts by default. Activation for custom post types example WooCommerce is done from the plugisn admin panel > settings tab. Once CNW is activated for a content type an a3 CNW Activation Meta box is added to the edit screen of that content type. This setting allows you to deactivate the feature for that page, post or custom post type.