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WooCommerce Predictive Search Premium is the fast, reliable, and customizeable WooCommerce site search solution that you have been looking for.

Thousands of savy WooCommerce store owners have already discovered WooCommerce Predictive Search is the way to provide their customers with a way to find what they are looking for … fast.

Raving Clients – Andy Martin

” I have rolled it out to 13 sites so far and every one of my clients raves about it. I have a couple of clients that are using the cloud based (and expensive) InstantSearch+ and they prefer Woo Commerce Predictive Search, and they are saving a fortune now! “

Fast and Reliable Search – Donna Maukonen

” This plugin has been so helpful for my client websites …. It is fast and reliable, and support, on the few times I’ve needed it, has been prompt, professional, and helpful! “

Awesome Search – Shijo Chacko

” Awesome plugin for search, Its a very easy to integrate on your theme. I have around 1000 products in my site, I got a very good response from my customers. “

Fastest Search – Rafael Perez Esteban

“ I try a lot of plugins from other websites more famous (you can guess what megasite I am speaking for). The price was similar to this plugin but the support and functionality not.Oh! and yes…It’s the most fastest plugin, why? because they are always improving to be the best.”

Customer and Google Love it – Frank Ugolini

“When we switched to WooCommerce Predictive Search Pro, we not only received great feedback from customers but google began to love us even more and we watched our bounce rates fall and conversions go up!
.. our repeat visitors don’t bother using our menu navigation any longer, they all seem to go straight to the search bar.
This plugin gives accurate search results and gives them quickly. “

Easy to Setup – Alma Thorsteinsdottir

” This is a fantastic plugin! Very easy to integrate into your website and easy to customise.
… it delivers accurate and beautiful results. No matter how many products are on your site. “

WooCommerce Predictive Search Premium Features

100% Accurate search results, 100% of the time for these search types. (The Free Version only does Product by name)

  • Product Name
  • Product SKU
  • Product Variation SKU
  • Product Categories
  • Product Tags
  • WordPress Posts by Title
  • WordPress Pages by Title
  • Any combination of these

Theme & Page Builder Compatibility:

Add Predictive Search via Widget, Shortcode, Gutenberg Block or php function to any theme or page builder. Any theme, framework or Page Builder that allows you to add a search box via a Widget, Shortcode or Block is dead simple and you can do that yourself without any coding knowledge.

Some popular themes, frameworks make swapping out their default search a lot harder. These require using the PHP function and advanced PHP, HTML skills and knowledge of the theme / framework code. If you are using one of these don’t worry, we will do it for you. It’s included in the subscription fee.

Just few popular Themes, Frameworks, Page Builders that Predictive Search is fully compatible with. Don’t worry if yours is not on the list – we have yet to find one we can’t add Predictive Search too.

  • Elementor Premium – Add Predictive Search via the widget on any Elementor Premium Template – easy.
  • Flatsome Theme Framework – Swap out the built in Flatsome Search with Predictive Search – requires coding.
  • WooCommerce StoreFront Theme – Swap out the built in Storefront search via php function – requires coding.
  • Avada Theme – Swap out the built in Avada Search via php function – requires coding
  • Divi Builder – Via widget – easy.
  • Mikado Theme Builder – Swap out the Built in Mikado Search via PHP function – requires coding
  • Xtheme – Add Predictive Search via php function – requires coding

Full Site Search Optimization:

  • Predictive Search ‘Focus keywords’ gives you 100% accuracy in Optimizing your entire site anyway you want. Optimize your ‘site search’ by adding a ‘Focus Keywords or Keyword Phrases’ to any product page, post, wp- page just like an SEO plugin except it is for site search not external search engines and its 100% accurate and super fast.
  • Predictive Search meta section on each product page, post and page for setting ‘Focus Keywords and Keyword Phrases’.
  • Exclude any product, post or page from Predictive Search results Globally from the admin panel or right from the Predictive Search Meta on product, post or page.
  • Integration with SEO plugins. Can be a massive time saver. Configure your plugin with the click of a mouse to use Focus Keywords that are set on an SEO plugin you are using. Include any ‘Focus Keywords’ that have been set while optimizing the site content for search engine search.
  • Currently supports * Yoasts WordPress SEO and the * All in One SEO plugins. If you use another WordPress SEO Plugin and would like to see it included in the list of supported plugins please just let us know and we will look in including support for it in future updates.

All Search Results Pages:

  • To see all results for the search Click through from the Search box drop down footer to the ‘All Results Search Page’
  • All Results Search Page.
  • Sort results by search filters e.g. Product name | SKU | Product Category | Product tag
  • ‘All Results Search Page’ shows products thumbnail, Title as a clickable link to the product and product text description
  • Admin can configure the All Results Search Page for each result to show
  • Number of Characters of description text to show
  • Product Categories
  • Product Tags
  • Product Prices including ‘special’ pricing with each result
  • Add to cart button
  • Number of results to show before ‘endless scroll’ bar

‘All Results Search Page’ features endless scroll – loaded by backbone, load quickly and show ‘infinite’ number of results

General Goodness

  • Use ‘live search’ to wow your customers – fast and deadly accurate.
  • Shows the results beautifully in the widget drop-down with Product Thumbnail, Title and description text.
  • Add Predictive Search anywhere on your site via unlimited Widgets, Shortcodes, block and Search functions
  • Fully customizable – define what gets searched and what shows in the search box drop down.
  • Easy to read and easy to sort All Search Results pages featuring endless scroll.
  • ‘Pretty URL’s for the All Search Results pages.
  • Search by Product name, Product SKU, Product Categories, Product tags, posts and Pages and any combination of these
  • Configure Search of your entire WooCommerce product database by Product titles, SKU’s, Product Categories and Tags, exclude any.

Widget Search

  • Add and configure a search box to any widgetized area on your site.
  • Configure each widget to search all ‘types’ –
  • Product name,
  • Product SKU,
  • Product Categories,
  • Product Tags,
  • Posts,
  • Pages
  • or any combination of these.
  • Set the number of each search ‘type’ eg Product category results to show in the search box drop down.
  • Use drag and drop to set the search ‘type’ order that the results show in the drop down
  • All Search results page sorted is auto sorted into results types configured for the widget.
  • Show product price with search box results option.
  • Option to set search from widget search box as ‘Search all products’ or ‘smart search’

Performance Settings

  • Allows admin to tweak search speed on large databases (1,000’s of products) or underpowered servers.
  • Pre-set the number of characters that must be typed before the first query starts
  • Pre-set the time in milli seconds after a character is typed that the query begins.
  • Using one or a combination of both of these settings dramatically reduces the number of queries to your MYSQL database.


  • WooCommerce Predictive Search shortcodes – Insert and configure the Search box into any page or post via shortcode.
  • Customize shortcodes search box dimensions and alignment on page.
  • Full customization just like the Widget search

Gutenberg Block

  • WooCommerce Predictive Search Gutenberg Block
  • Insert and configure the Search Box into any page or post using the Gutenberg editor.

Smart Search

  • ‘Smart Search’. An intuitive technology that auto detects if the page is Product Category, Product tag, Post Category or Post tag and features results from that taxonomy. This delivers extremely relevant search results.
  • Activate Smart search in any widget or any search function.
  • Activate or deactivate the ‘Smart Search” feature with the click of a mouse.

Search Function

  • Add a Predictive Search box to any part of your site that is not widgetized via the Predictive search Function.
  • From the admin panel configure all the Parameters of the Search function then just use the short function code to add the Search box were ever you want it. example in the header.
  • Once installed change the parameters of the global search from the admin panel.
  • Full documentation instructions on how to add the search function to your sites header.
  • Back up ‘Book a Service’ with us to place the search function if your theme requires advanced CSS skills and you don’t have easy access to a coder.

Multi Lingual – WPML

As of Version 2.1.7 WooCommerce Predictive Search is 100% compatible with the WordPress Multi Lingual plugin (WPML). Additional WPML String Translation plugin compatibility means your users can enjoy a rich search experience in the language of their choosing from those available on your WPML site.


We are always looking for language translations to add to the plugin’s language folder.

If you do a translation for your site please send it to us for inclusion in the plugin language folder. We’ll acknowledge your work here. Use the Contact Us form to send your translation to us for inclusion in the plugins language files.

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$8.25 / month
Billed annually at $99.00

What’s included

  • 1-year extension updates
  • 1-year support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Details and compatibility

WordPress 6.4 or higher
Compatible up to
WordPress 6.5.3
WooCommerce 8.0 or higher
Compatible up to
WooCommerce 8.9.3
Last updated
100% WPML Compatible