Support Policy

Pro License support from a3rev developers.

On the a3rev support forum you are dealing directly with developers who are WordPress Gurus, official WooCommerce Extension Ninja’s and WP e-Commerce recommended developers. We are able usually to quickly answer almost any question relating to an a3rev plugin or theme.

All technical support is provided via the a3rev Support Forum, where a3rev developers answer every question.

Pro License Support on the forum is usually in the form of:

  • Answering ‘how to’ questions relating to plugin or theme admin set up.
  • Look at why things are not working and getting them working for you.
  • Generally Helping Pro License holders understand how to do stuff with their plugin or theme.

Please note: We do not offer any support for the Lite Versions of our plugins on the a3rev site or via email. Lite version users do have ‘read only’ access to the support forums. Current Pro Version License holders have automatic ‘read and write’ access to the forum.

What is NOT INCLUDED with a3rev’s Pro License Support

Here are some of the things that we can’t do and don’t promise as part of our Pro License support.

  • Support by direct email.

With 1,000’s of customers it is very difficult  for us to answer support requests made by email. You are welcome to email us if all else fails, but please be aware that it could take anything up to 2 weeks to get a response. All of the support resources are directed on the support forum where we aim to respond to every post within 24 hours.

  • Fixing Compatibility Issues With Your Server

People run their WordPress install on many different server types and configurations. We do our very best to make sure that all a3rev plugins and themes are compatible with any environment.

With your help we can usually identify if the problem is a server configuration issue and try to address it in our software or if that is not possible then give you some things to have your host look at. However, we can’t always know the fix for everything server related, although running 5 Clouds ourselves we do know a lot.

  • Fixing Conflicts caused by other plugins you have installed.

We do guarantee that our plugins never have compatibility issues with the current and recent versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce.  If one arises from an updated version of any of those, we fix it as soon as it comes to our attention.

In our development we follow the WordPress developers Codex, WooCodex and WP e-Commerce Codex to ensure strict compatibility and minimize the risks of conflicts with other plugins. We however cannot control what other plugin developers do. If you’re having a problem issue with an a3rev plugin that involves a different plugin we will look at it for you and change anything that can be changed on our code to overcome the issue BUT we cannot correct / maintain other developers code.

After looking at such an issue we can tell you what needs changing in the dev’s plugin code, but we can’t patch/correct their code – they must do that themselves as they are the ones maintaining the source code as we do ours.

  • Fixing poorly coded (Bespoke) Themes

This is by far and away the biggest issue we see with our plugins. Theme developers who do not follow even the WordPress Codex. When developing a plugin everyone assumes that some core functions from the codex (that is the purpose of the Codex) are in all themes. Those core functions are used by plugin developers to hook to and when they are not present the plugin cannot work. We have even seen themes where the developer has actually removed the  core function and replaced it by their own custom function.

After looking at our plugin on a theme we can usually tell you what needs changing in the dev’s code so our plugin can work , but we can’t patch/correct their code – they must do that themselves. Also we can’t take your entire theme and debug it for you or the developer.

  • Adding additional Features on demand to a plugin or Theme.

Many of the great features you see in a3rev plugins and themes have come from user suggestions. If you have an idea for a new or additional feature, we will happily look at it discuss it with you. The process from there is:

If we agree your suggested feature has merit the idea is added to the plugin or themes development ‘roadmap’ in our lab.  During  each plugin / themes regular upgrade review our team sits down and looks at each suggestion/idea on the roadmap and prioritized them from most important to least important e.g 1 to 10. We then look at the time involved for each task and the time we have allocated to the upgrade and do the tasks in order of priority. Any items on the roadmap that cannot be added due to allocated time constraints are left on the ‘roadmap’ until the next scheduled review when they are looked at again.

Please by all means suggest / request new features, just be aware of the process above and that we cannot promise that we will ever actually add it or if we do when that will happen.

  • Immediate minor Bug Fixes

If you find a smaller bug , whilst we take it very seriously, it is just not physically possible to fix everything right that minute. The bug will be added to our bug-fix queue and worked on. So, if you hit a bug that’s keeping you from doing something, we will fix it, but can’t promise that we’ll fix it right away.

If this happens we will always try and suggest a work around until we can fix it and send it out in an auto version update.