WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium

WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium

WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium creates a dynamic sliding gallery of product images as well as the ability to create a gallery of images for each variation.

Show you thumbnails in an attractive and simple to sue thumbnail slider.

Customize the whole look and feel of the gallery from the plugins admin dashboard – no coding required.



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  • Activate WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium from the dashboard

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WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium Main Features

  • Featuring Product Variation Image Galleries
  • Easy Slider style customization (no coding required)
  • Elementor Premium Templates Full Compatibility
  • Turn OFF Gallery on any Product (use Default Gallery)
  • Full Integration with WooCommerce
  • Easy Thumbnail Gallery customization (no coding required)
  • Add a Product Dynamic Gallery By Widget or Shortcode
  • Add Dynamic Gallery to Product Page Template with Widget or shortcode

WooCommerce Dynamic Product image Gallery brings your product pages and presentation alive. Beautifully with great flexibility.

WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium Features

Just install and activate the gallery and it automatically adds the Dynamic gallery to every single product page on you site with these features:

  • Upgraded and tested 100% Compatible with WooCommerce Version 2.5+ and backwards to Version 2.1
  • Gallery supports show Variation images. When user selects an option on product page – that options image auto shows in the gallery.
  • Fully Responsive or use as fixed pixel wide on any theme
  • Gallery image manager greatly simplifies the management of product and variation images.
  • Search Engine Friendly Images.

Theme, Framework and Page Builder Compatible

WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium works with any theme, framework or page builder that supports the WooCommerce Default Product Gallery on the Products pages (template). However not all of them do. If they don’t but allow add the Product Gallery by Widget or shortcode them it is easy to add dynamic Gallery. Below is a list of a few we know of:

Elementor Premium – Product Template. Add by Widget – easy

Divi Theme – Automatic

Avada Theme – Automatic

WooCommerce Storefront Theme – Automatic

If you are using a Theme, Framework or Page Builder that don’t allow you to swap out or add a new Product Gallery don’t worry we will add it for you. Doing that is included in the subscription fee.

Show Options (Variations) Images in Gallery

WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery is already the most popular WooCommerce product image Gallery but it just went to a new level with the ability to use the Gallery to manage and show your WooCommerce product variation images like you never thought possible.

As the user selects options from the product page ‘Choose an Option’ Drop down the images you have assigned to that variation auto show in the Gallery.

Image Legend

1. Gallery shows when the page loads – variations are set at Choose an option and the gallery loads the featured image first and shows all images in order.

2. User selects the Large option and all variation images for this product assigned to the large attribute show. The example you see on the demo there are 4 Colours – Black, Red, Green and Blue and large comes in Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve so the gallery will show all 4 colours in short sleeve and Long sleeve. A user can scroll through all the ‘Large’ T Shirt images.

3. Now the user refines their selection to ‘Large ‘ Green’ – there are only 2 images – ‘Large Green Short Sleeve’ and ‘Large Green Long Sleeve.

4. Finally the user Selects ‘Large Green Long Sleeve’ and sees their selection in the gallery.

The images change in a ‘blink of the eye’ and it is very engaging.

Responsive Gallery.

The Gallery works beautifully on traditional fixed pixel width and height themes, but by changing one setting on the admin panel it is transformed into a fabulous responsive image gallery. Even the image Zoom pop ups display beautifully in even the smallest phone screens.

WooCommerce Dynamic gallery in iphones and andriods
The WooCommerce Dynamic gallery in iPhones and Androids


Deactivate / Activate Gallery on any Single Product Page.

When WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery is activated the Gallery is automatically added to every single product page. If you have products that only have a single product and you don’t want the gallery, then just click the check box on the Gallery Images manager on the single product page to deactivate the gallery for that product.

WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery


25 Individual Gallery Settings

WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery gives you 25 different settings to customize how the gallery looks and Works on your site. From the WooCommerce > Settings > Dynamic Gallery tab you have total control over:

All these features combine to give you what simply an outstanding WooCommerce Dynamic Product Image gallery.

Use on up to 5 sites

Entirely Free For 14 Days

Then $24.99 / month

No extra charges, no lock in contracts, easy 1 click cancel anytime

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$200 sign up fee waived for the life of the subscription


Unlimited Sites

Entirely Free For 14 Days

Then $49.99 / month

No extra charges, no lock in contracts, easy 1 click cancel anytime

Introductory Offer!

$200 sign up fee waived for the life of the subscription


Quick Info

RequiresWordPress 5.0 or higher
Tested up toWordPress 5.8.2
RequiresWooCommerce 5.0 or higher
Tested up toWooCommerce 5.9
Minimum PHP version7.4.0
Current Version2.9.14
Last Update2021/11/20
First Released2012/07/14
100% WPML Compatibleyes
Translation readyyes
Support ForumVisit

Additional information

Number of Sites

Single Site Subscription ($49), Up to 5 sites ($79), Up to 25 sites ($149), Up to 50 sites ($199)

9 reviews for WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium

  1. Geraldine (verified owner)

    I purchased the Pro version and since the last update it has stopped working. I posted this problem several times in your support form, as have many other customers, but you have ignored us all. It’s been a week since I posted in the forum and STILL NO REPLY. Absolutely rubbish customer support. You are quite happy to take the money but not so happy to help out with problems.

    • Steve Truman

      Hello Geraldine,

      1,000 apologies – We released Version 2.5.0 on the 06/11/2017 and the bug fix for your issue in version 2.5.1 at about the same time you posted your review. As I explained on the support forum we have been very focused on testing all 107 pieces of WordPress software that we maintain for compatibility with WordPress 4.9 and putting out upgrades where required.

      This focus on making sure all of our software is WordPress 4.9 compatible during the last 2 weeks has seen us ‘dropped the ball’ in regards to monitoring and attending to customers needs on the support forum. It was our mistake not to communicate with you about the issue. What we did and it was wrong was find and fix the issue – without communicating to you, acknowledging your bug report and updating you about the progress of the fix. We are sorry for the anguish this has caused you.

      Geraldine we did have all completed the day that WP 4.9 was released, and are now able to devote more time to customer support.

      Please be assured that in the future we will ensure that you receive our usual fast, friendly and helpful support in double fast time.

      PS – Geraldine I will post this as a reply to the review that you also wrote on the free version.


  2. Luca Speranza (verified owner)

    We use Woocommerce Dynamic Gallery on our site and it has proven to be a great plugin. The product gallery really improves visually with this plugin, offering a set of options that – quite frankly – should have been built in the core of Woocommerce. We have been using the plugin for quite a while now (over 3 years) so we also experienced how the developers added new features over time, supported every new release of Woocommerce and provided prompt answers via forums.

  3. Mike McBeath (verified owner)

    I use this plugin on all the WooCommerce sites I manage. In my opinion it’s the best way to display product images. The interface is extremely easy to work with and works great on all devices.

    Support has been awesome!

    Highly recommended.

  4. sarah wright (verified owner)

    Woo Commerce Dynamic Gallery Premium is great plugin. There are so many features that you can customise, without needing custom coding. My product gallery looks really high-end now, which is perfect for the product that we are promoting. When I had some issues, which were to do with some erroneous coding, and nothing to do with the plugin. Steve spent an amazing amount of time helping me to re-configure the settings and to show me all the fantastic things it could do. He was incredibly patient with my lack of technical skills and so helpful. I cannot recommend this plugin and their support more highly. Get it now!

  5. Frank Ugolini (verified owner)

    A Picture says a thousand words.

    We have been using WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium for a couple of years on a number of our e-commerce sites that perform very well in terms of conversion rates.

    One of the reasons they convert well is due to this plugin.

    It displays your product images beautifully.

    It loads very quickly due to the backbone.js and Sass technology – so google loves fast loading pages and rewards you for the improved user experience.

    It is awesome when you have variations – it quickly and smoothly loads variation images as soon as someone chooses a variation.

    It is super easy and fast to use when adding products and variations in the back end – saving you time.

    It is fully responsive and looks great on a mobile, tablet or desktop no matter what the device.

    It is now mobile swipe compatible also!

    a3rev are always improving their plugins constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the others and continue to be the best.

    If you are using woocommerce and not using this plugin – you’re missing out on sales and wasting time when adding products.

    On the rare occasion that we have needed to get some support – a3rev have been fast to deal with and awesome.

    When you buy the plugin, like us, you will see sales increase because your products are presented professionally and quickly and you should see SEO benefits due to fast load times on product pages, even when there is a lot of images and you will save valuable time when adding products with images to your site.

    This is a must have plugin – it really is as simple as that.

  6. Felipe (verified owner)

    The WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium is absolutely the best gallery plugin I had used.
    The last update adds more customizations and new features like, for example, the new touch swipe feature in Mobiles and tablets.
    That is a feature I had been waiting for a long time and it works like a charm.

    Also, the support team is great. I always get a response from them and they solve the issues very quickly.

    Amazing job!

  7. Kevin Coffel (verified owner)

    We started with a 1.x version. It was a little rough around the edges, but it did what we wanted. But now, with the 2.x version, it is a sleek, well-integrated plug-in. The amount of control in the settings is really amazing for a $29 plug in.

    Feel free to take a look —
    Click on any of the products. We show about a dozen images with A3’s Dynamic Gallery.

    Perhaps more than the software itself, the issue with any plug-in is support. These guys are absolutely top rate in terms of their responsiveness, willingness to dig into the problem, and come up with prompt fixes. Great, great team.

    Great job!

  8. Manuel Sicca (verified owner)

    We had a problem with this plugin and the awesome support solved the issue within 24 hours and updated the plugin!
    I’d recommend to buy the Premium version. We have it running on several projects and will use it in future projects as well.

    Very good job!

  9. Jerome Manceau (verified owner)

    5 Stars for the “WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium” Team!
    It was very easy to install, the settings are intuitive.
    The gallery is well designed and works perfectly.
    If you encounter issues, the support is quick and friendly.
    Really appreciate!

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