WooCommerce Compare Products Premium

WooCommerce Compare Products Premium

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Experience Compare Products Premium

  • Compare from product cards & pages
  • Compare Product Page tab
  • Super Comparison list widget
  • Product Attributes & Terms used
  • Create dynamic comparison data

  • Product editing Super Powers
  • Fully customizebale comparison table
  • Add to Cart from Comparison table
  • Save Comparison as a PDF
  • Full support for Video and Audio

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WooCommerce Compare Products extension for WooCommerce is a new generation WooCommerce plugin gives a you a product comparison feature that you’d only expect to find on the big corporate e-commerce sites.

Full Integration with WooCommerce

  • Fully integrated into WooCommerce Taxonomies, Product Categories, Attributes and their terms.
  • Activate Compare on any existing or newly created Product Category.
  • Assign Attributes to any number of Product Categories that are activated for product Comparison.
  • Attribute terms are used as the comparison data
  • Create Single line or paragraph files for entering dynamic data for an attribute term.
  • Option to use check-boxes, drop-down, single select, multi select options to display terms on Compare product meta
  • Full integration with WooCommerce Product data > Variation settings.

Lite Version and Upgrading

The free lite version of Compare Products is different in many ways to the Pro version – for example the Lite Version creates its own tables – Compare Categories, Compare Features and Compare Feature Fields and dose not use the WooCommerce taxonomies as such.

Upgrading to the Pro Version from the Lite the Pro Version will automatically convert

  • Lite Version Compare Categories => WooCommerce Product Categories (if they do not already exist)
  • Lite Version Compare Features => WooCommerce Product Attributes (if they do not already exist)
  • Lite Version Compare Feature Fields => Terms of the corresponding or newly created attribute.
  • New Attributes created from the upgrade have cp- prefix on the slug to identify them.

The Lite version IS NOT a backbone.js app so does not include any backbone features mentioned on this page. Instead all JavaScript events are fired via the admin-ajax.php file. It Lite Version does not support connection with the WooCommerce JSON REST API.

Live Synch and Caching

One of the very good Backbone.js features is the ability to live synch compare lists between items currently in the comparison widget and opened Comparison lists, regardless of if the comparison list is set to show by poop-up or open on a new page.

Think how cool that is – you have your Compare set to open the View Comparison list in a new window, the user views the compare list (which opens a new tab on the browser) – removes an item from the list table – then goes back to the tab where the product page is opened and the items in the widget have been automatically updated – all without a page reload. They add some more items to the Widget – go back to the Comparison list table and see that by magic the items have also been added to the comparison table – no page refresh required – they are just there.

  • Live synch between products in the Compare Widget and the Compare List.
  • User removes an item from the compare list and it is auto removed from the widget
  • User removes an item an item from the compare widget and it also removed from the opened compare table list
  • Live Synch works with the compare list in both the pop-up and open on a new window.
  • Remove items from the compare list without the page reloading.
  • Compare lists are cached by backbone.localstorage on the users machine local storage for persistence and performance
  • Cache is strong, fast and persists over page reloads and even system shutdown and all without cookies or sessions

Compare Express Products Manager

The Express Products Manager will save you so much time in setting up and editing the Compare feature across your entire product range that this feature alone is worth many times the price of the Pro Version upgrade.

  • Manage the Compare feature on your entire Catalog from the Express Products manager admin panel.
  • All Products and Product variations are auto loaded to the dashboard.
  • On Click edit.
  • Never have to leave the admin panel to add or edit the Compare feature on a product.
  • See at a glance which products and variations have the compare feature activated.
  • Save hours / days or weeks a year in time with Compare Express Product Manager

Watch this 84 second demonstration video to see why the Express Products Manager in the Pro Version is a must have feature.


Compare Widget Layout and Style

Use the Pro Version Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} feature to completely customize the look and layout of the Compare Widget.

  • Thumbnails – Activate or deactivate the items thumbnails showing in the widget
  • Thumbnails – set a custom size and position for the thumbnails.
  • Thumbnails – create a custom thumbnails border
  • Widget View Comparison table – Choose button or text link, custom button / text design and position.
  • Clear All – Choose button or text link, custom button / text design and position relative to Compare feature.
  • Customize the widget title and item counter. Use the themes widget title or create your own.
  • Upload a custom remove from widget icon.
  • Customize the Empty Widget message and font.

Product Card Style

WooCommerce Compare Products Pro Version Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} enables you to customize how the Compare Feature shows on the shop, Product category and Product Tag pages product card display.

  • Choose to display as Button or Link text and customize the style of both.
  • Activate the ‘View Compare’ feature that shows when the user adds a product to compare.
  • ‘View Compare’ link shows under the compare button and is a link to the Comparison page.
  • ‘View Compare’ saves the user having to go to the Compare widget to activate the comparison window.
  • Customize the ‘View compare’ text and font styling.

Comparison List Table styling

WooCommerce Compare Products Pro Version Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} feature unlocks a full compliment of layout and styling features that enables you to fully customize the Comparison List table. Features Include:

  • Product Prices – Show or hide product prices on the table.
  • Product Prices – if activated set the position of the product prices show and customize the font.
  • ‘Add to Cart’ – Show or hide the Add to Cart function on the Comparison table.
  • ‘Add to Cart’ – Choose to show as a Button or Linked text and style with full custom settings.
  • Upload a Custom successfully added to Cart icon.
  • ‘View Cart’ linked text that shows after item is added to cart. Full custom style settings.
  • Custom Table style settings. Create a unique look by styling the background colour for table header and alternate rows.
  • Custom table border style settings and row sizing options.
  • Customize the Compare Feature Titles (Left Fixed Column), font and font style.
  • Customize the font and font style for the table rows.
  • Empty table row Cells text – set Default Font to show (or set as empty). Select font and font styling.
  • Empty table row Cells custom background colour.
  • Product name, set font, font size, font style and font colour.
  • Print This Page message. Customize the text and text font.
  • Choose to display Print This Page as a Button or Text Link. Full custom styling options for both.
  • Choose to display Print This Page as a Button or Text Link. Full custom styling options for both.


We are always looking for language translations to add to the plugin’s language folder.

  • English (default) – always included.

.po file (wo0_cp.po) in languages folder for translations.

If you do a translation for your site please send it to us for inclusion in the plugin language folder. We’ll acknowledge your work here. Use the Contact Us form to send your translation to us for inclusion in the plugins language files.

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100% Risk Free!

Try the Free version first. You can download it from the plugins WordPress repository. Upgrading to the Pro version is a simple and seamless exercise. You will see all of the Pro Version features on the Lite Version. Upgrading to the Pro Version activates those features.

Ready to go straight to Pro! You can do that with complete confidence with our 60 day 100% money back guarantee. If at any time up to 60 days after purchasing any of our plugins you are not 100% satisfied we will refund 100% of your money. No if, buts or maybes. Just send an email request for refund, no forms to fill out, no waiting times, no explanations required – we will deactivate your plugin license and refund the full 100% purchase price. Simple – quick and no hassles.

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Introductory Offer!

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Quick Info

RequiresWordPress 4.6 or higher
Compatible up toWordPress 4.9.4
RequiresWooCommerce 3.0.0 or higher
Compatible up toWooCommerce 3.3.2
RequiresResponsi 6.8.0
Compatible up toResponsi 6.9.0
RequiresResponsi WooCommerce Templates
Compatible up toResponsi WooCommerce Templates 2.8.3
Minimum PHP version5.5.0
100% WPML Compatibleyes
Translation readyyes


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