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    • WooCommerce Product Card Quantity Selector

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      WooCommerce Quantity Selector. Make life easier for your customers and sell more of your products by empowering your customers to select the product quantity when adding an item to their cart right from the Product Cards which show on the Shop, Product category¬† and Product Tag pages. The Problem with simple products. By default WooCommerce does not show the Quantity Selector on product cards. This frustrates many customers because if they want to purchase more than 1 of the item they must either click through to the product page or edit the quantity from the My Cart page. Both scenarios involve clicking backwards and forwards from those pages back t The Solution WooCommerce Product Card Quantity Selector auto adds your themes Quantity Selector to the Product Card. You can set the position of the selector in relation to the add to cart button on on your themes Product Cards. The Problem with variable products? By default WooCommerce shows a button on all products that have variations. The customer must click the button to select variations from the product page - before adding to their cart. The Solution WooCommerce Product Card Quantity Selector on variable products shows the products variation options dropdown, quantity selector and add to cart from a small pop-up that shows when the button is clicked.  

    • WooCommerce Compare Products Premium

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      WooCommerce Compare Products extension for WooCommerce is a new generation WooCommerce plugin gives a you a product comparison feature that you'd only expect to find on the big corporate e-commerce sites. Full Integration with WooCommerce Lite Version and Upgrading The free lite version of Compare Products is different in many ways to the Pro version - for example the Lite Version creates its own tables - Compare Categories, Compare Features and Compare Feature Fields and dose not use the WooCommerce taxonomies as such. Upgrading to the Pro Version from the Lite the Pro Version will automatically convert The Lite version IS NOT a backbone.js app so does not include any backbone features mentioned on this page. Instead all JavaScript events are fired via the admin-ajax.php file. It Lite Version does not support connection with the WooCommerce JSON REST API. Live Synch and Caching One of the very good Backbone.js features is the ability to live synch compare lists between items currently in the comparison widget and opened Comparison lists, regardless of if the comparison list is set to show by poop-up or open on a new page. Compare Express Products Manager The Express Products Manager will save you so much time in setting up and editing the Compare feature across your entire product range that this feature alone is worth many times the price of the Pro Version upgrade. Watch this 84 second demonstration video to see why the Express Products Manager in the Pro Version is a must have feature.   Compare Widget Layout and Style Use the Pro Version Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} feature to completely customize the look and layout of the Compare Widget. Product Card Style WooCommerce Compare Products Pro Version Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} enables you to customize how the Compare Feature shows on the shop, Product category and Product Tag pages product card display. Comparison List Table styling WooCommerce Compare Products Pro Version Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} feature unlocks a full compliment of layout and styling features that enables you to fully customize the Comparison List table. Features Include: Translations We are always looking for language translations to add to the plugin's language folder. .po file (wo0_cp.po) in languages folder for translations. If you do a translation for your site please send it to us for inclusion in the plugin language folder. We'll acknowledge your work here. Use the Contact Us form to send your translation to us for inclusion in the plugins language files. Back to Top 100% Risk Free! Try the Free version first. You can download it from the plugins WordPress repository. Upgrading to the Pro version is a simple and seamless exercise. You will see all of the Pro Version features on the Lite Version. Upgrading to the Pro Version activates those features. Ready to go straight to Pro! You can do that with complete confidence with our 60 day 100% money back guarantee. If at any time up to 60 days after purchasing any of our plugins you are not 100% satisfied we will refund 100% of your money. No if, buts or maybes. Just send an email request for refund, no forms to fill out, no waiting times, no explanations required - we will deactivate your plugin license and refund the full 100% purchase price. Simple - quick and no hassles. Back to Top