WooCommerce Product Sort and Display Premium

WooCommerce Shop Page Product Display

The FREE version of WooCommerce Product Sort and Display is fully featured if all you want to do is sort the display of products on your sites shop page. It has many features and rather than fill this page with them you can read about those and download FREE version plugin here on the plugins wordpress.org listing page.

We suggest that if you are not already using the FREE version you should do so – if you are just wanting sort and display for your shop page then you do not need this Premium Version.

The Premium Version has ALL of the features of the Free version plus these advanced features

Premium Version Features

This premium version is for WooCommerce store owners who want to take control of product placement on Product categories and sub categories sections of their store. The Premium version shopkeeper super powers gives you the same ability that a bricks and mortar retailer has in deciding which products or group of products a customer sees first when they enter their store and browse their offering.

Intelligent Product Category Display.

This plugin totally revolutionizes the way Product categories are displayed – especially Parent / Child categories. Features:

  • Show Parent Category with Products and next level Child Cats with Products on the same page.
  • Set the number of parent cat Product to show on first load.
  • Intelligent navigation always shows users where they are and what they are viewing.
  • Set number of Child cats to show under Parent Products when page first loads
  • Set number of products to show per child cat.
  • Parent child display works to any depth of navigation.
  • New sort features ‘On Sale’ and ‘Featured’ apply to parent and child cats.

All New Product Sort Features

WooCommerce Product Sort and Display Premium plugin adds the 2 new sort functions that are applied to the shop page in the FREE version to the entire store. Those 2 new custom features are

  • Sort by On Sale: Show first
  • Sort by Featured: Show first.


  • Ensure your customers always see your ‘On-Sale’ and Featured items as the first products displayed in any category.
  • Auto show products with ‘Sale Price’ first in Shop page and Category Pages.
  • Full integration with ‘Sale Price Scheduling’
  • Full integration with Variation products that have ‘Sale Price’
  • Auto show Products that are WooCommerce Featured Products first in Shop page and category pages.
  • Full integration with WooCommerce Product Sort
  • Configure to show on Shop page or Category pages or both.
  • Set on a category by category basis
  • Any On Sale or Featured products will show first in any category followed by the rest of the products in recently published order (WooCommerce default sort

Endless Scroll Feature Included.

Enhance your users interface with your WooCommerce Store by activating the built in Endless Scroll feature if your theme does not already provide that. Choice of Auto Endless Scroll or Scroll on click.


Theme Compatibility

This plugin can apply its magic on the Default WordPress Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven Theme – all WooThemes and any theme that is created following the WordPress and WooCommerce Theme developers Codex.

If a Bespoke theme does not follow the WooCommerce Theme Developer Codex (which they should have if they are claiming their theme is WooCommerce ready) then you may have problems as the plugins functions rely on the functions set out in the Codex being present in the theme. if they are not then the plugin cannot work correctly – if at all.

Annual Subscription License

  • This plugin is open source and there is no limit to the number of sites it can be activated on.
  • The annual subscription fee is for 12 months of Maintenance Updates and Feature Upgrades, which during the course of a year there are plenty – see the changelog for a record and frequency of new versions.
  • The subscription fee also gives you access to support from us – the developers via the Plugins a3rev support forum. Take a look at the forum – it is where you can ask questions, report bugs and make feature suggestions as a active subscription owner.
  • Subscriptions can be upgraded, downgraded and cancelled from your a3rev customer dashboard.
$6.59 / month
Billed annually at $79.00

What’s included

  • 1-year extension updates
  • 1-year support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Details and compatibility

WordPress 6.4 or higher
Compatible up to
WordPress 6.5.3
WooCommerce 6.0 or higher
Compatible up to
WooCommerce 8.8.3
Latest Version Date
100% WPML Compatible
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