Pro Licenses

As soon as you purchase an a3rev Pro Version Licensed you have:

  • An a3rev ‘Customer’ account auto created for you (if not an existing account holder) from the information entered on the checkout page.
  • As a user with the ‘Customer’ role you have immediate ‘write’ access to the a3rev support forum and same day priority support.
  • Access to your My-Account dashboard where you can see and manage all of your a3rev Licenses and downloads.
  • Access to Unique License keys for activating your software and connecting it to the a3API for auto updates.
  • Access to use the License Upgrade Path on each product page for when you want to add more sites to an existing License.

There are 2 types of Pro Licenses:

Lifetime License

Lifetime License features:

  • Once only Payment
  • Lifetime priority support via the support forum.
  • Lifetime software automatic maintenance updates and features upgrades via License Key connection to the a3API.
  • Upgrade Path. Add more sites to your license and only pay the difference between what you have already paid and the upgrade price. Your License key remains the same, just the number of sites you can use it on are increased.

Annual Subscription License.

Software that is uniquely complex requires a lot of constant and on-going maintenance. For this type of software due to the substantially higher maintenance costs we must we must offer the Licenses as annual subscription licenses to ensure that we can maintain and renew the code for you. Annual Subscription  License features:

  • a 7 Day Free Trial.
  • Cancel the trail from your a3rev My Account dashboard anytime before the 7th day.
  • After 7 days if trial is not cancelled by you the annual 12 months subscription fee is charged.
  • You have 12 months access to priority support via the support forum.
  • 12 months software automatic maintenance updates and features upgrades via connection to the a3API
  • Manual Upgrades – Auto upgrades are not available because PayPal does not offer this feature.

What Happens if I don’t renew.

  • Your Plugin or Theme License key remains connected to the a3API and continues to work unchanged.
  • Your License key remains active forever
  • You can activate and deactivate the License on any site for the number of sites assigned to the license.
  • Without an active subscription you do not get automatic maintenance updates and features upgrades from the a3API.
  • Without an active subscription you will not have access to priority support from the support forum for the License (you will not loss access for any Lifetime or other current subscription Licenses you have).

There are 2 License Types

  • Up to X# of Sites – example Up to 5 sites means you can have the License key activated on up to 5 domains. It does not matter what the domain is – local, test site, dev site, live site or multisite (parent and 4 child sites). Licenses are not tied to domains – you can move a license key activation anywhere you like.
  • Developer Unlimited – The License Key can be activated on unlimited sites and for those that wish to use the software in other commercial projects. With this license you have the right to use the software in its entirety or partly a project for selling (for example, for bundling into a WordPress Theme, scripts, apps, graphics and so on).If the software (the whole software or its parts) is created with materials used by GNU General Public License (GPL) (or some other license) it means you should follow all the terms of the license using the software.