a3rev WooCommerce Plugins add custom features and functionality to the WooCommerce plugin. We are ongoing contributors to the WooCommerce source code.

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      • WooCommerce Quotes and Orders

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        Use the WooCommerce Quotes and Orders extension to Convert the WooCommerce Add to cart function into Add to Quote and or Add to Order function with the WooCommerce Quotes and Orders extension. This plugin contains all of the features of the WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options plugin plus 2 all new powerful operating modes. Quotes Mode WooCommerce Quotes and Orders allows site visitors to add unlimited items to the 'Quote' cart and proceed through the WooCommerce Checkout to request a quote. Perfect for sites that want users to be able to quickly make up a list of items from the site that they want a quote on. Choose to operate in Manual Quote Mode (quote submitted off line) or in Auto Quote Mode (instant - user gets system generated quote and can use the sites WooCommerce payment gateways to complete the transaction). Order Mode 'Add to Order' Mode is built for businesses to business transactions. Converts WooCommerce into an online ordering machine for Businesses that want their customers to be able to order online from them with billing done off line in their regular billing cycle. Multilingual - WPML As of Version 1.1.2 WooCommerce Quotes & Orders is 100% compatible with the WordPress Multilingual plugin (WPML). Includes strings for all static plus dynamic text. Translations We are always looking for language translations to add to the plugin's language folder. .po file (woops.po) in languages folder for translations. If you do a translation for your site please send it to us for inclusion in the plugin language folder. We'll acknowledge your work here. Use the Contact Us form to send your translation to us for inclusion in the plugins language files. WooCommerce Quotes and Orders WooCommerce quotes and orders is the perfect solution if you are a site owner or a developer looking to add Quotes and or Ordering functionality to a site using the WooCommerce shopping cart. Back to Top

      • WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate

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        WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate The Ultimate Product Inquiry Form To be build the Ultimate WooCommerce Product Email Inquiry form we have developed an automatic 100% integration with the 2 leading Email Contact form WordPress plugins in the world. Gravity Forms Premium Plugin Integration When you install WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate and have the Gravity Forms plugin it automatically adds a new Email Inquiry Field to the Default Gravity Forms 'Fields' that are used to created contact forms. Add the Product Name and Product URL fields into the form you create and the function that our plugin adds lets the Gravity Form find the Product name and post URL that the inquiry is being submitted from. It auto includes this in the email.   Contact Form 7 Plugin Integration We understand that not everyone has a Premium Gravity Forms plugin annual subscription so we also built the integration function for the #1 Free open source Contact Form in the world, Contact Form 7. This plugin has over 11 million downloads. When you install WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate and you have the Contact form 7 plugin installed, our plugin auto adds 2 new Tags to that plugins default tag list.   Creating Forms with Shortcodes Made this quick video to show you how we created the form on this product using the Gravity Forms plugin.   Adding a Global Product Inquiry Form. Adding a global Product Inquiry form that shows for all products is as simple as: Individual Product Inquiry Forms To add a unique Inquiry Form to any Product WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options This plugin also includes all of the features of the WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options Pro plugin. Other Contact Plugin Integration We have been able to develop a function that integrates the #1 Free contact plugin and the #1 Premium contact plugin in the world. Can we do this for other contact plugins? We don't know? If you use another email contact plugin we are willing to look at it if: If you use a Email Contact form that meets both those critera and would like to see if we can build a function to integrate it with WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate please use the Ask a Question function at the top of the page to 'Ask the Question'.

      • WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options

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        What this plugin does. With this plugin you can - Looking for more - Checkout the WooCommerce  Quotes and Orders plugin that has all of the features of this plugin plus 'Add to Quote' and 'Add to Order Mode'. Catalog Visibility WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options adds flexibility and fine grained control in configuring how users see your WooCommerce store products. It does this by integrating 3 new Product 'Rules' that can be applied to all not logged in visitors and can be configured individually for logged in users. The 3 Product Page Rules are Below is a series of images of one product that has variations (in case you where wondering if it works with products that have variations) that shows you some of the possible Catalog Visibility scenarios that can be set.  All of these are set Globally from the plugins admin page and can then be customized from each products edit page. Add an Email Inquiry button for things like 'Pre-Sales' questions or 'More Information' requests. Style the button to display anyway you want and position it above or below where the 'Add to Cart' button's position in your theme. Turn your whole store into a brochure site by selecting the "Hide Add to Cart' rule. On each product page you can over-ride this setting if you want to have some products that users can purchase. Back to Top Don't want front end users to see your prices? Then just hide the price - apply this to your whole store or just individual products. If required show the 'add to cart' function to logged in users on a user role by user role basis. Or even - Hide Everything except the product, product images and description. When a button just won't do the job! For some products a button is just not appropriate. No problem just add your text with the embedded email pop-up hyperlink positioned in the text where you want it. Easily configure custom Product page messages with the embedded email pop-up contact form for individual products. An example would be a product range where you require the customer to request a quote or inquire about shipping arrangements to their location. Back to Top WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options pop-up email contact form is beautiful. No more ugly on page email forms cluttering up your Product Pages or creating more tabs. When a user submits an email request wow them with your beautifully styled success message that appears after they have submitted the inquiry. Add images - prompts to visit other parts of your site via text links and anything you can create with the WordPress text editor. The email inquiry you receive is styled in an easy to read format with all of the customers contact details and the name of the product that they made the inquiry from and a link to that product. Back to Top Set a Global the email address that you want all email inquiries to be sent to with a copy sent to any email address you enter. You also change that on a product by product basis. An example of this would be if had a salesperson or technical person who handles all inquires for a particular range of products or services that you offer. Seen enough? Configure Rules by Role for logged in users. Rules set by you apply to all front end users. Customize how those rules then apply to a user once they log into your site based on the WordPress and WooCommerce user role that user is assigned to. Create a beautiful Email Inquiry button - using the visual editor. Style the email pop-up form. Styling your success message. Back to Top

      WooCommerce / Search

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      • WooCommerce Predictive Search Premium

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        WooCommerce Predictive Search Premium is the fast, reliable, and customizeable WooCommerce site search solution that you have been looking for. Thousands of savy WooCommerce store owners have already discovered WooCommerce Predictive Search is the way to provide their customers with a way to find what they are looking for ... fast. WooCommerce Predictive Search Premium Features 100% Accurate search results, 100% of the time for these additional search types. (The Lite only does Product by name) Full Site Search Optimization:   All Search Results Pages: General Goodness Widget Search Performance Settings Shortcodes Smart Search Search Function Multi Lingual - WPML As of Version 2.1.7 WooCommerce Predictive Search is 100% compatible with the WordPress Multi Lingual plugin (WPML). Additional WPML String Translation plugin compatibility means your users can enjoy a rich search experience in the language of their choosing from those available on your WPML site. Translations We are always looking for language translations to add to the plugin's language folder. If you do a translation for your site please send it to us for inclusion in the plugin language folder. We'll acknowledge your work here. Use the Contact Us form to send your translation to us for inclusion in the plugins language files. Back to Top

      WooCommerce / Product Gallery

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      • WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium

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        WooCommerce Dynamic Product image Gallery brings your product pages and presentation alive. Beautifully with great flexibility. WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Pro Features Just install and activate the gallery and it automatically adds the Dynamic gallery to every single product page on you site with these features: Show Options (Variations) Images in Gallery WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery is already the most popular WooCommerce product image Gallery but it just went to a new level with the ability to use the Gallery to manage and show your WooCommerce product variation images like you never thought possible. As the user selects options from the product page 'Choose an Option' Drop down the images you have assigned to that variation auto show in the Gallery. The graphic below shows you how that works or go straight to the Demo site and take a look - it's stunning. GALLERY DEMO Responsive Gallery. The Gallery works beautifully on traditional fixed pixel width and height themes, but by changing one setting on the admin panel it is transformed into a fabulous responsive image gallery. Even the image Zoom pop ups display beautifully in even the smallest phone screens.   Deactivate / Activate Gallery on any Single Product Page. When WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery is activated the Gallery is automatically added to every single product page. If you have products that only have a single product and you don't want the gallery, then just click the check box on the Gallery Images manager on the single product page to deactivate the gallery for that product.   25 Individual Gallery Settings WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery gives you 25 different settings to customize how the gallery looks and Works on your site. From the WooCommerce > Settings > Dynamic Gallery tab you have total control over: All these features combine to give you what simply an outstanding WooCommerce Dynamic Product Image gallery. Checkout the plugins wiki docs and the live demo for more information.

      • WooCommerce Carousel and Slider

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        The WooCommerce Carousel and Slider plugin is a feature packed and incredibly flexible WooCommerce product Carousel and product Slider. Create awesome product card carousels and embed them by shortcode anywhere on your site and add product Sliders by Widget or shortcode anywhere on your site. Show a Carousel and or slideshow of products from any Product category, any Product tag or create a custom Slider product display using the WooCommerce Catalog Visibility 'Featured Product' or any product that has been marked down in price - 'On Sale'. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Here is an example of a Carousel we made and inserted here on this page in just minutes. Fully Mobile responsive. If you just resize your pc screen you will not see the mobile responsiveness of the Carousel. You have to do that on your phone because the code we wrote to make the carousel detect that it is being viewed in a mobile browser does not work the same in a legacy browser. If it is only the Product Slider feature that you are looking for ( in other words you don't want the Product Carousel feature ) then you should look at this version of the plugin - WooCommerce Widget Product Slider. It has the Embed Product Slider by shortcode or add by widget features that are in this plugin and if you don't want the Product Carousel feature the once only Lifetime License fee is US$20 cheaper. Built with backbone.js Backbone.js is a JavaScript library with a RESTful JSON interface and is based on the model–view–presenter (MVP) application design paradigm. Backbone is known for being lightweight, as its only dependency is Underscore.js Featuring - Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} Sass (Simply Awesome Stylesheets) is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world. All the WooCommerce Carousel and Slider front end display is built in Sass - actually Sass #dynamic {styleheets}. When using the admin panel settings to create a Skin Layout and design you are actually writing Sass code without touching the code. WooCommerce JSON REST API. This plugin automatically connects the backbone.js RESTful JSON interface with the WooCommerce JSON REST API. You do not need to do anything except know that the plugin will use at least 50% less host server (your server) resources than it was before conversion to backbone. Fully Customizable Card Skin Create a Product Card layout and style just like your theme product cards and let your creativity run wild - Using the point-click #dynamic {stylesheets} setting you can create any layout and style in minutes - faster than a Sass guru. The Card Skin is used for the carousel and the Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} give you fine grain control over the Product card style and layout with the Control Panel settings. a3 Lazy Load Compatible WooCommerce Carousel and Slider is 100% compatible with the a3 Lazy Load plugin - a3 Lazy Load is 100% WooCommerce compatible and will speed up site load times and save bandwidth - a3 Lazy Load is available for Free download from wordpress.org . a3 Lazy Load is active here on the a3rev site and only loads images, video, iframes and the Carousel and Sliders when they show in your browser, tablet and mobile screen as you scroll. Quickly Compare Features WooCommerce Carousel and Slider is the top of the range of our WooCommerce Product Slider plugins. Use this table to select the a3rev WooCommerce Product Slider plugin that best meets your needs or the needs of your clients: Features Free Version Product Slider Carousel & Slider Fully Mobile Responsive Product Sliders Yes Yes Yes Touch Swipe feature in mobile devices Yes Yes Yes Fully Customizeable Widget Skin Yes Yes Yes Add Product Sliders by Widget Yes Yes Yes Create Sliders from any product category Yes Yes Yes Compatible with a3 Lazy Load Yes Yes Yes Create Sliders from Product Tags, ON-Sale or WooCommerce Featured Products No Yes Yes Fully Customizeable Product Card Skin. No Yes Yes Add Product Sliders by shortcode No Yes Yes Fully Customizeable Mobile Touch Skin No Yes Yes Events parsed by WooCommerce JSON REST API No Yes Yes Create WooCommerce Product Carousels No No Yes Embed Product Carousels by shortcode No No Yes Express Support via a3rev Support Forum None Yes Yes Free Automatic updates - * New Features, *Tweaks and *Bug Fixes. One click updates from your WordPress Updates dashboard. Yes - lifetime Yes - lifetime Yes - lifetime wordpress.org to Download plugins product page