a3rev WooCommerce Plugins add custom features and functionality to the WooCommerce plugin. We are ongoing contributors to the WooCommerce source code.

      WooCommerce / Email and Cart

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      WooCommerce / Search

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      WooCommerce / Product Gallery

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      • WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium

        WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium creates a dynamic sliding gallery of product images as well as the ability to create a gallery of images for each variation. Show you thumbnails in an attractive and simple to sue thumbnail slider. Customize the whole look and feel of the gallery from the plugins admin dashboard - no coding required.

      • WooCommerce Carousel and Slider

        The WooCommerce Carousel and Slider plugin is a feature packed and incredibly flexible WooCommerce product Carousel and product Slider. Create awesome product card carousels and embed them by shortcode anywhere on your site and add product Sliders by Widget or shortcode anywhere on your site.

      WooCommerce / Product Sort and Navigation

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      WooCommerce / Special Features

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      • WooCommerce PDF Invoices

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        WooCommerce PDF invoices adds fully customizeable PDF order invoices and product packing slips. Invoices attached to selected emails and for customers from My Account, Orders menu.

      • WooCommerce On Page Checkout

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        WooCommerce On Page Checkout is a major breakthrough in friction free WooCommerce checkout that will increase cart conversion.

      • WooCommerce Meta Creator

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        Easy and simple way to create custom product Meta sets and apply to products and add unique values. Much simpler to use than product attributes and a better frontend display.

      • WooCommerce Product Card Quantity Selector

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        Make life easier for your customers and sell more of your products by empowering your customers to select the product quantity when adding an item to their cart right from the Product Cards which show on the Shop, Product category  and Product Tag pages.

      • WooCommerce Compare Products Premium

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        WooCommerce Compare Products Premium is the original and most fully featured compare products plugin for WooCommerce. Launched 6 years ago and under continued development since, WooCommerce Compare Products Premium will give your store customers an outstanding and professional compare products functionality to rival the even the massive ecommerce stores. BUY NOW