WooCommerce Quick View Ultimate

While browsing products anywhere in your store – shop page / category pages / tag pages they see a products that interests them – instead of clicking ‘More Details’ and going to another page to view all the product information and images they click Quick View and see it all in a pop-up right there on their screen. This is the sequence

  • See something of interest – Pick it up from the shelf (Open the product in the pop-up)
  • View all the products information and make a buying decision
  • Either add the item to the shopping basket (Add to Cart)
  • Or put the item back on the shelf and continue to browse (close the pop-up)

WooCommerce Quick View Ultimate makes it incredibly quick, easy and convenient browsing and shopping for customers.

Chances are you are using it right now if you are on the WooCommerce category page, if not you should try it. While you are there you’ll see our plugins broken up into categories. We use the WooCommerce Product Sort and Display plugin to do that and create the shop page with products displayed by category.


  • Works on any theme.
  • Custom Quick View pop up with WooCommerce image gallery and Next / Previous to scroll through products without having to close the pop up.
  • The second pop up option is to open the full product page in the pop up (including the site header and footer).
  • Fully mobile responsive – if your theme is responsive it opens in its true responsive dimensions within the pop-up.
  • Two positional settings – Show on mouse over the image or show always as button or text link under the image.
  • Position setting for show on mouse over image – Choose show to at Top, Center or bottom with padding settings.
  • WYSIWYG Button style editor with transparency setting.
  • Choose to always show Quick View as a Button or Hyper-linked text under the product image.
  • WYSIWYG Button and Hyperlink text editors – Simple point click settings to create an eye catching button.
  • Padding settings above and below Button / Link text.
  • Choose from 2 pop-up tools – PrettyPhoto (recommended) or Colorbox
  • Set max size of the pop-up in px.
  • Use the Transition Effects settings to create a unique opening and closing effect that matches your style.
  • Set pop-up background overlay colour
  • Fix pop-up or allow it to scroll with the screen content (Colorbox).
$2.42 / month
Billed annually at $29.00