WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate

  • Use Gravity Forms to create custom Contact Forms
  • Use Contact Form 7 to create custom Contact Forms
  • Create a Global Email Inquiry form that applies to all products
  • Create unique forms and add to any product
  • Open the form by Ajax on page (we use that here for pre-sales questions)

The Ultimate Product Inquiry Form

To be build the Ultimate WooCommerce Product Email Inquiry form we have developed an automatic 100% integration with the 2 leading Email Contact form WordPress plugins in the world.

  • The #1 Free open source plugin Contact Form 7.
  • The #1 Premium Email contact plugin in the world Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Premium Plugin Integration

When you install WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate and have the Gravity Forms plugin it automatically adds a new Email Inquiry Field to the Default Gravity Forms ‘Fields’ that are used to created contact forms. Add the Product Name and Product URL fields into the form you create and the function that our plugin adds lets the Gravity Form find the Product name and post URL that the inquiry is being submitted from. It auto includes this in the email.

Contact Form 7 Plugin Integration

We understand that not everyone has a Premium Gravity Forms plugin annual subscription so we also built the integration function for the #1 Free open source Contact Form in the world, Contact Form 7. This plugin has over 11 million downloads. When you install WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate and you have the Contact form 7 plugin installed, our plugin auto adds 2 new Tags to that plugins default tag list.

Adding a Global Product Inquiry Form.

Adding a global Product Inquiry form that shows for all products is as simple as:

  • Create the form
  • Add the global shortcode on the admin panel.
  • Select the form ‘Open’ options – On Page | New Page
  • Save Changes.

Individual Product Inquiry Forms

To add a unique Inquiry Form to any Product

  • Create the form
  • Edit the the product
  • Replace the Global shortcode with the new form shortcode in the Email & Cart Meta
  • Update the post.

Other Contact Plugin Integration

We have been able to develop a function that integrates the #1 Free contact plugin and the #1 Premium contact plugin in the world. Can we do this for other contact plugins? We don’t know? If you use another email contact plugin we are willing to look at it if:

  • It is widely used
  • It adds contact forms via shortcode.

If you use a Email Contact form that meets both those critera and would like to see if we can build a function to integrate it with WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate please use the Ask a Question function at the top of the page to ‘Ask the Question’.

    $8.25 / month
    Billed annually at $99.00

    What’s included

    • 1-year extension updates
    • 1-year support
    • 30-day money-back guarantee

    Details and compatibility

    WordPress 6.4 or higher
    Compatible up to
    WordPress 6.5.3
    WooCommerce 6.0 or higher
    Compatible up to
    WooCommerce 8.8.3
    100% WPML Compatible
    Latest Version Date