• WooCommerce Predictive Search Premium

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      WooCommerce Predictive Search Premium is the fast, reliable, and customizeable WooCommerce site search solution that you have been looking for. Thousands of savy WooCommerce store owners have already discovered WooCommerce Predictive Search is the way to provide their customers with a way to find what they are looking for ... fast. WooCommerce Predictive Search Premium Features 100% Accurate search results, 100% of the time for these additional search types. (The Lite only does Product by name) Full Site Search Optimization:   All Search Results Pages: General Goodness Widget Search Performance Settings Shortcodes Smart Search Search Function Multi Lingual - WPML As of Version 2.1.7 WooCommerce Predictive Search is 100% compatible with the WordPress Multi Lingual plugin (WPML). Additional WPML String Translation plugin compatibility means your users can enjoy a rich search experience in the language of their choosing from those available on your WPML site. Translations We are always looking for language translations to add to the plugin's language folder. If you do a translation for your site please send it to us for inclusion in the plugin language folder. We'll acknowledge your work here. Use the Contact Us form to send your translation to us for inclusion in the plugins language files. Back to Top