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Styling a3 Portfolio to Match Your Theme

a3 Portfolio is a state of the art plugin with Sass style sheets. There a 2 ways to edits the Sass style sheets.

1. Be or hire an advanced CSS code who is familiar with the Sass language and is able to use .less to recompile the Stylesheets after they are edited.


2. Purchase a one time payment Lifetime License for a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets Plugin – install it and do it yourself in minutes and tweak the design anytime you like.

Sass Dynamic Stylesheets

Dynamic Stylesheets allow users to do what advanced CSS coders can do without ever even looking at the code. It is all done from the plugins admin menu via click. As you make style and layout edits with the point and click setting you are actually write code like a CSS / Sass programmer. When click the [Save Changes] button your edits are auto recompiled with .less and saved. You style tweaks are showing on the front end for the world to see.

Installing Dynamic Style sheets plugin adds the Dynamic Stylesheets menu right into the a3 Portfolio dashboard.


Style your Portfolio Item Cards

The portfolio Item Cards are the showcase to your images and the gateway to your Portfolio Item content. a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets allows you to create any unique Item card style you want.


You will find the style settings for that under the Item Card tab on the Dynamic Style sheets menu. The card style settings are sorted into 3 sub-menus one for each of the Elements that make up an Item card. Below is a image / diagram of the structure of an Image card as a developer views it.


Style the Item Expander

The Item expander is what you see when you click on a Portfolio Card. a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets enables you to edit not only the expander style but also the layout and style of the content within the Expander. Check out the style that these customers have created with a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets. These site owners are business owners, the only code they have ever heard of is Morse code. Winton Outback Motel, Park Motel.

Under the Item Expander tab you will find all of the Dynamic Stylesheet settings to style and change the layout of the Item expander. Below is a image / diagram of the structure of the Item expander as a developer views it.


 Style a3 Portfolio Nav Bar Tabs

a3 Portfolio Nav Bar Tabs are auto created from the Portfolio Categories that you create and turn OFF to show on the Portfolio page. Portfolio Category Pages and Portfolio Tag Pages. a3 Dynamic Stylesheets allows you to style these to perfectly match your theme. Here is an example.

Under the Nav Bar tab you will find all of the settings for creating a tabs design to match your site. Below is a image / diagram of the structure of the Nav Bar Tabs as a developer views it.

Portfolio_Nav-bar-tabsLifetime License

When you purchase an a3 Portfolio Dynamic Portfolio once only payment Lifetime License you get:

1. The a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets Add-on plugin.

2. Lifetime maintenance updates.

3. Lifetime feature upgrades.

4. Lifetime support for the plugin via Live Chat Express support and via the plugins a3rev support forum.

5. The License comes with 1 site activations. Additional sites can be added to the license at any time at an automatic 30% discount to the current Lifetime License price.

    $4.09 / month
    Billed annually at $49.00

    Details and compatibility

    WordPress 5.0 or higher
    Compatible up to
    WordPress 6.4