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a3 Portfolio Shortcodes

This plugin adds advanced shortcodes feature to the a3 Portfolio Plugin. Use a3 Portfolio Shortcodes to embed the entire Portfolio 0n a page, post or in a widget. The advanced shortcodes embed button can be found on the WordPress Visual editor once the a3 Portfolio Shortcodes plugin is installed and activated. The advanced shortcode embed button looks like this on the editor. Click the button and the Insert Shortcode pop up panel allows you to set the type of Portfolio you want to insert. Insert a Single Item Card The first section of the insert shortcodes menu is for embedding Items Cards into content. We have used the settings to embed 1 Item card into this content. Use the chosen smart selector to find and select any Portfolio Item from all published portfolio items. Once an item is selected then use the style and layout settings create the card size and position in the content. Set the size that you want the card to show in - in this case we selected 300px wide. Then set the alignment of the card. This works just the same as Aligning an image in text. In this case it is 'Left - Wrap' (Card Left and text wrapped to the right). You can even set custom margin around the card. This card has margin set at Top = 0px, Bottom = 5px, Left = 0px and right = 10px. Click on the card and you will see the expander works with shortcode. Insert Multiple Item Cards The advanced shortcodes allows you to select multiple items cards that are displayed in a container. Choose the number of cards to show per row. In this case we have selected 2 Items cards. We have set that the maxim container size in large screens is 600px with  - Aligned to the Right with text wrapped to the Left. Container padding is set at Top = 0px, Bottom = 5px, Left = 10px, Right = 0px Click on either card, you will see the expander open and you will see that the Item Switched < Previous and Next> feature works with single item cards when more than 1 is added by shortcode. Insert A Portfolio Category The next section on the advanced Portfolio shortcode pop up is for inserting portfolio categories. Select any Portfolio category from all categories and all of that categories Item cards will be displayed. After selecting a Category the only other setting is how many item cards should show per row. We have selected to show 4 per row. Notice the Portfolio Category title does not show. Click on any Item card and you will see that the Item Switched < Previous and Next> feature works with categories shortcode. Insert Multiple Categories Add any number of categories including sub categories. Each category selected will show on the Portfolio Nav Bar with all Item cards that are assigned to that category showing when the card is selected. Click the ALL button to see all items in this shortcode embed. In the above example we selected these Prortfolio Categories / Sub categories - Business , Motels, Professional, Sports Clubs. Notice that the  a3 Portfolio Isotope Free add on plugin Nab Bar Sort works with the shortcode. Also notice the Item Switcher feature is also supported with categories shortcode. Insert Portfolio Tags The third section of the advanced Portfolio Shortcode pop up is the ability to insert Portfolio Tags. Multiple Shortcodes on One Post Supports any number of Shortcode inserts on any post, custom post type, page or widget area. As you can see from the different configuration of Item cards inserted by shortcode on this custom post type (WooCommerce Product Page). Shortcode and Template Tags When installed and activated you will see a Shortcodes menu item has been added to the a3 Portfolio menu dropdown. On the Shortcode you will find the Full Portfolio shortcode and template tag for those who want to add the Portfolio by shortcode or want to add it to their theme templates. Also includes template tags for Portfolio Categories, Portfolio Tags and the Portfolio Items cards. Lightweight The Portfolio shortcodes plugin treads very lightly on any site it is activated on. It does this in 2 main ways. Only Loaded when Required. a3 Portfolio shortcode JavaScript assets are only loaded on pages or posts that have shortcodes embedded. This helps page load speed on your entire site as the Shortcode assets are only loaded on urls when the shortcode is present instead of loading on every page. Item Card LazyLoad Item Card Lazyload is a feature of the a3 Portfolio plugin. It is LazyLoad that allows the Portfolio with potentially 100's of items to load quickly.  When items, Categories, Tgas or the entire Portfolio are embedded by shortcode the lazyload is applied. Responsive and Flexible Layout Full PC browser, Mobile and Tablet responsive display is retained with shortcodes. In fact embedding by shortcode gives admin much greater flexibility in creating layouts incorporating Portfilio Item card and additional content (like this page). Full HTML5 card Architecture combined with Masonry flexible card layout. a3 Portfolio Isoptope Sort The super smooth a3 Portfolio Isotope Add-on feature is fully supported in all Portfolio and Item card configurations inserted by shortcode. a3 Portfolio Item Switcher The Item Switcher Add-on allows users to scroll through an entire portfolio from the open item expander. In mobile the user can tap < to switch to the Previous item or > to move to the next item. Mobile also supports touch swipe to next or previous item in the open expander. These features are fully supported in in all Portfolio and item card configurations inserted by shortcode. a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets Fully compatible with all styles created by admin/ developer using the Dynamic Stylesheets add-on (for non coders) Full Language Support Shortcodes is fully compatible with WMPL and has Back-end and front-end support for RTL display. This plugin is Translation ready. Purchase a Lifetime License This plugin is sold under the a3rev Lifetime License. This is a once only payment and includes: 1. Lifetime maintenance updates. 2. Lifetime Features upgrades. 3. Automatic Updates - works exactly the same as wordpress.org updates - update notices appear on your WordPress admin dashboard and updates can be run from the plugin and theme updates page. 4. Lifetime support for the plugin via Live Chat Express support and via the plugins a3rev support forum. 5. The Lifetime License comes with 1 site activation. 6. Add sites to a Lifetime License when and as you need them at an automatic 30% discount off the current license price. .

a3 Portfolio Item Switcher

a3 Portfolio Item Switcher a3 Portfolio Item Switcher when installed allows your site visitors to easily scroll through all of your portfolio items right from the first item expander that they open. When installed and activated the plugin adds a < Previous and Next > arrow icon to the left and right edges of the open expander.  When the user clicks on those arrows the next or previous item appears in the open expander. It makes it and very fast to switch from item to item without having to open and close the expander for each item. The image below is from a client site - see how the < Previous and Next > icon arrows are added to the left and right of the open item expander. These icons and the container are Dynamic style which allows you to create a style that matches your theme. With the Item switcher the user does not have to click on each item card to open the expander. Once 1 expander is open the user can scroll through the entire portfolio from the expander screen. It is a beautiful User Interface and user experience. The best way to see that is check it out for yourself on this demo site. Mobile Browser Interface The a3 Portfolio Item Switcher contains its own unique mobile phone interface that features Users can tap or swipe through the entire portfolio from any opened item expander. It is an app like experience and visually stunning.   Full Shortcode Compatibility The a3 Portfolio Item Switcher plugin is fully compatible with the a3 Portfolio Shortcodes plugin. Item Switching works with Item cards inserted as individual cards (more that 1), Portfolio Categories and Portfolio tags inserted by shortcode. You can see that in action here on the a3 Portfolio Shortcodes product page.