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WooCommerce Quotes and Orders

Use the WooCommerce Quotes and Orders extension to Convert the WooCommerce Add to cart function into Add to Quote and or Add to Order function with the WooCommerce Quotes and Orders extension. This plugin contains all of the features of the WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options plugin plus 2 all new powerful operating modes. Quotes Mode WooCommerce Quotes and Orders allows site visitors to add unlimited items to the 'Quote' cart and proceed through the WooCommerce Checkout to request a quote. Perfect for sites that want users to be able to quickly make up a list of items from the site that they want a quote on. Choose to operate in Manual Quote Mode (quote submitted off line) or in Auto Quote Mode (instant - user gets system generated quote and can use the sites WooCommerce payment gateways to complete the transaction).  Order Mode 'Add to Order' Mode is built for businesses to business transactions. Converts WooCommerce into an online ordering machine for Businesses that want their customers to be able to order online from them with billing done off line in their regular billing cycle. Multilingual - WPML As of Version 1.1.2 WooCommerce Quotes & Orders is 100% compatible with the WordPress Multilingual plugin (WPML). Includes strings for all static plus dynamic text. Translations We are always looking for language translations to add to the plugin's language folder. .po file (woops.po) in languages folder for translations. If you do a translation for your site please send it to us for inclusion in the plugin language folder. We'll acknowledge your work here. Use the Contact Us form to send your translation to us for inclusion in the plugins language files. WooCommerce Quotes and Orders WooCommerce quotes and orders is the perfect solution if you are a site owner or a developer looking to add Quotes and or Ordering functionality to a site using the WooCommerce shopping cart. Back to Top

WooCommerce Predictive Search

WooCommerce Predictive Search is now the most powerful site search engine ever developed for WooCommerce and WordPress. It is one of only 2 new generation WooCommerce backbone.js extensions. The Pro version allows you to optimize your entire site search to perform just the way you want it too. More Power All Woocommerce Predictive Search front end JavaScript functions are built in backbone.js. Backbone makes Predictive Search an incredibly robust and powerful application. An example of this is the use of backbone.router and backbone.localstorage on the all results search pages to create a SPA (single page application). Less Resources WooCommerce Predictive Search front end events are fired client side via the WooCommerce JSON RESTful API. Backbone makes it possible to add front end functionality that in many cases where just not possible before or if they where possible, they where not practical because of the server side resources required. Events in backbone are not fired via the admin-ajax.php file like all other JavaScript events, but are instead executed via the JSON RESTful API that is baked into the WooCommerce core. The All Results Search Pages are a Single Page Application (SPA) and very good example of this - The Sort product by search filter loads the results without loading a new page. Here is an info graphic to show how that works. WooCommerce Predictive Search Pro Features 100% Accurate search results, 100% of the time for these additional search types. (The Lite only does Product by name) Full Site Search Optimization:   All Search Results Pages: General Goodness Widget Search Performance Settings Shortcodes Smart Search Search Function Multi Lingual - WPML As of Version 2.1.7 WooCommerce Predictive Search is 100% compatible with the WordPress Multi Lingual plugin (WPML). Additional WPML String Translation plugin compatibility means your users can enjoy a rich search experience in the language of their choosing from those available on your WPML site. Translations We are always looking for language translations to add to the plugin's language folder. .po file (woops.po) in languages folder for translations. If you do a translation for your site please send it to us for inclusion in the plugin language folder. We'll acknowledge your work here. Use the Contact Us form to send your translation to us for inclusion in the plugins language files. Back to Top 100% Risk Free! Try the Free version first. You can download it from the plugins WordPress repository. Upgrading to the Pro version is a simple and seamless exercise. You will see all of the Pro Version features on the Lite Version. Upgrading to the Pro Version activates those features. Ready to go straight to Pro! You can do that with complete confidence with our 60 day 100% money back guarantee. If at any time up to 60 days after purchasing any of our plugins you are not 100% satisfied we will refund 100% of your money. No if, buts or maybes. Just send an email request for refund, no forms to fill out, no waiting times, no explanations required - we will deactivate your plugin license and refund the full 100% purchase price. Simple - quick and no hassles. Back to Top Optimizing Your WooCommerce Site Search Important stuff to know because it will be completely relevant to optimizing WooCommerce site search and many of the questions you might have. Background The Predictive Search feature we have built is a variant of what is know in computing language as incremental search. Other variants are Autocomplete, search as you type, filter/find as you type (FAYT), typeahead search, inline search, instant search, word wheeling and Googles Instant Search. Search Filters One thing all variants have in common is filters to deliver relevant results for the application they are created for. The filters used are many and varied but all are designed to do the same thing – filter the search terms to deliver meaningful and relevant results. Predictive Search Primary Filters The primary filters that we use are the WordPress and WooCommerce taxonomies for many reasons but without going into them – relevance to the WooCommerce and WordPress ecosystem being the obvious. In practical terms that is Product Titles, Product SKU’s, Product Category Titles, Product tag Titles, Post and page titles. Secondary Filters – Focus Keywords As of version 2.0 in the Pro version we successfully introduced 2 new an incredibly powerful Filters ‘Predictive Search Focus keywords’ and ‘Focus Keywords’ set in SEO plugins like Yoast WordPress SEO and All in One SEO. This additional layer of filters allows you to optimize your site search with 100% accuracy. Predictive Search Focus Keywords Filters. The Focus keyword filters allow you to optimize your site search any way you think is best for the way customers search your site. That is if you want a product to show each time a certain word, SKU, number is typed – example a Product tag, then you add that word to the Products Predictive Search Focus Keywords. SEO Plugins Focus Keyword Filters With this feature set Predictive Search will filter search results using the Focus Keywords you have set for each product in the 2 most popular WordPress SEO plugins, 'WordPress SEO' by Yoast and the 'All in One SEO' plugin. If you have already added focus keywords for each product via one of those plugins all you have to do to apply that as a site search filter is click a button on the admin panel. Smart Search Filter Another feature of the plugin is the ‘Smart Search Filter’. This filter recognizes when a search is being conducted from a Product Category or Product Tag archive page and auto filters the search results to show relevant results from that category or tag first in the tag results. This feature can be activated from the Widget or from the Search Function. Position and Placement The plugin allows you to set as many search boxes around your site as you want. All work without conflict. The options are. Optimizing WooCommerce Site Search If you use the built in Search filters combined with the Widgets, Search function and shortcode search box placement you will find that you will be able to set up and customize an awesome search experience that your users will love. Searching in Content, Descriptions, short descriptions. Please read this Help Topic Does this search content, descriptions? Back to Top

WooCommerce Product Sort and Display

WooCommerce Product Sort and Display allows you to take control of your WooCommerce Shop page random product display and your Product Categories and Product Tags pages product display. WooCommerce Shop Page Product Display The FREE version of WooCommerce Product Sort and Display is fully featured if all you want to do is sort the display of products on your sites shop page. It has many features and rather than fill this page with them you can read about those and download FREE version plugin here on the plugins wordpress.org listing page. We suggest that if you are not already using the FREE version you should do so - if you are just wanting sort and display for your shop page then you do not need this Premium Version. The Premium Version has ALL of the features of the Free version plus these advanced features Premium Version Features This premium version is for WooCommerce store owners who have large numbers of Product categories and sub categories and want to control what Categories, with sub cats and products within those categories and child cats that the customer sees first. The Premium version gives you the same ability that a bricks and mortar retailer has in deciding which products or group of products a customer sees first when they enter their store and browse their offering. Intelligent Product Category Display. This plugin totally revolutionizes the way Product categories are displayed - especially Parent / Child categories. Features: 2 All New Product Sort Features WooCommerce Product Sort and Display Premium plugin adds the 2 new sort functions that are applied to the shop page in the FREE version to the entire store. Those 2 new custom features are Features: Endless Scroll Feature Included. Enhance your users interface with your WooCommerce Store by activating the built in Endless Scroll feature if your theme does not already provide that. Choice of Auto Endless Scroll or Scroll on click. Theme Compatibility This plugin can apply its magic on the Default WordPress Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven Theme - all WooThemes and any theme that is created following the WordPress and WooCommerce Theme developers Codex. If a Bespoke theme does not follow the WooCommerce Theme Developer Codex (which they should have if they are claiming their theme is WooCommerce ready) then you may have problems as the plugins functions rely on the functions set out in the Codex being present in the theme. if they are not then the plugin cannot work correctly - if at all. Premium Version Lifetime License The Premium Version Lifetime License is a once only payment license (not an annual subscription fee) that covers a Lifetime of FREE auto Maintenance and Feature upgrades plus support. The Lifetime License comes with Key that can be used to activate the plugin on 1 site. The License can be moved from site to site by deactivating the plugin on one site and using the key to activate the plugin on another site. A site is any domain - be it a local, staging server , sub domain or multi-site child site. Additional Site Discounts Add sites to your Lifetime License when ever require at an automatic of 30% discount off the current lifetime license price. Sites can be added from the a3rev My Account dashboard from the Downloads section. This means that you can have any number of site attached to a License Key Track and Manage License Key Activations From the Active Licenses Section of the a3rev My Account dashboard you can track all of your a3rev license keys and which sites they are currently activated on. Features the ability to be able to manually remove the Key and thus deactivate the plugin right from the dashboard.

WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Premium

5 out of 5

WooCommerce Dynamic Product image Gallery brings your product pages and presentation alive. Beautifully with great flexibility. WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Pro Features Just install and activate the gallery and it automatically adds the Dynamic gallery to every single product page on you site with these features: Show Options (Variations) Images in Gallery WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery is already the most popular WooCommerce product image Gallery but it just went to a new level with the ability to use the Gallery to manage and show your WooCommerce product variation images like you never thought possible. As the user selects options from the product page 'Choose an Option' Drop down the images you have assigned to that variation auto show in the Gallery. The graphic below shows you how that works or go straight to the Demo site and take a look - it's stunning. GALLERY DEMO Responsive Gallery. The Gallery works beautifully on traditional fixed pixel width and height themes, but by changing one setting on the admin panel it is transformed into a fabulous responsive image gallery. Even the image Zoom pop ups display beautifully in even the smallest phone screens.   Deactivate / Activate Gallery on any Single Product Page. When WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery is activated the Gallery is automatically added to every single product page. If you have products that only have a single product and you don't want the gallery, then just click the check box on the Gallery Images manager on the single product page to deactivate the gallery for that product.   25 Individual Gallery Settings WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery gives you 25 different settings to customize how the gallery looks and Works on your site. From the WooCommerce > Settings > Dynamic Gallery tab you have total control over: All these features combine to give you what simply an outstanding WooCommerce Dynamic Product Image gallery. Checkout the plugins wiki docs and the live demo for more information.

WooCommerce Carousel and Slider

The WooCommerce Carousel and Slider plugin is a feature packed and incredibly flexible WooCommerce product Carousel and product Slider. Create awesome product card carousels and embed them by shortcode anywhere on your site and add product Sliders by Widget or shortcode anywhere on your site. Show a Carousel and or slideshow of products from any Product category, any Product tag or create a custom Slider product display using the WooCommerce Catalog Visibility 'Featured Product' or any product that has been marked down in price - 'On Sale'. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Here is an example of a Carousel we made and inserted here on this page in just minutes. Fully Mobile responsive. If you just resize your pc screen you will not see the mobile responsiveness of the Carousel. You have to do that on your phone because the code we wrote to make the carousel detect that it is being viewed in a mobile browser does not work the same in a legacy browser. If it is only the Product Slider feature that you are looking for ( in other words you don't want the Product Carousel feature ) then you should look at this version of the plugin - WooCommerce Widget Product Slider. It has the Embed Product Slider by shortcode or add by widget features that are in this plugin and if you don't want the Product Carousel feature the once only Lifetime License fee is US$20 cheaper. Built with backbone.js Backbone.js is a JavaScript library with a RESTful JSON interface and is based on the model–view–presenter (MVP) application design paradigm. Backbone is known for being lightweight, as its only dependency is Underscore.js Featuring - Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} Sass (Simply Awesome Stylesheets) is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world. All the WooCommerce Carousel and Slider front end display is built in Sass - actually Sass #dynamic {styleheets}. When using the admin panel settings to create a Skin Layout and design you are actually writing Sass code without touching the code. WooCommerce JSON REST API.  This plugin automatically connects the backbone.js RESTful JSON interface with the WooCommerce JSON REST API. You do not need to do anything except know that the plugin will use at least 50% less host server (your server) resources than it was before conversion to backbone. Fully Customizable Card Skin Create a Product Card layout and style just like your theme product cards and let your creativity run wild - Using the point-click #dynamic {stylesheets} setting you can create any layout and style in minutes - faster than a Sass guru. The Card Skin is used for the carousel and the Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} give you fine grain control over the Product card style and layout with the Control Panel settings. a3 Lazy Load Compatible WooCommerce Carousel and Slider is 100% compatible with the a3 Lazy Load plugin - a3 Lazy Load is 100% WooCommerce compatible and will speed up site load times and save bandwidth - a3 Lazy Load is available for Free download from wordpress.org . a3 Lazy Load is active here on the a3rev site and only loads images, video, iframes and the Carousel and Sliders when they show in your browser, tablet and mobile screen as you scroll. Quickly Compare Features WooCommerce Carousel and Slider is the top of the range of our WooCommerce Product Slider plugins. Use this table to select the a3rev WooCommerce Product Slider plugin that best meets your needs or the needs of your clients: Features Lite Version Widget Product Slider Product Slider Carousel & Slider Fully Mobile Responsive Product Sliders Yes Yes Yes Yes Touch Swipe feature in mobile devices Yes Yes Yes Yes Fully Customizeable Widget Skin Yes Yes Yes Yes Add Product Sliders by Widget Yes Yes Yes Yes Create Sliders from any product category Yes Yes Yes Yes Compatible with a3 Lazy Load Yes Yes Yes Yes Create Sliders from Product Tags, ON-Sale or WooCommerce Featured Products No Yes Yes Yes Fully Customizeable Product Card Skin. No Yes Yes Yes Add Product Sliders by shortcode No No Yes Yes Fully Customizeable Mobile Touch Skin No No Yes Yes Front end built on backbone.js No No Yes Yes Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} No No Yes Yes Events parsed by WooCommerce JSON REST API No No Yes Yes Create WooCommerce Product Carousels No No No Yes Embed Product Carousels by shortcode No No No Yes Lifetime License Key Not Applicable Lifetime License key for 1 Site @ US$29 once only payment. Lifetime License key for 1 Site @ US$49 once only payment. Lifetime License key for 1 Site @ US$69 once only payment. Express Support via LIVE CHAT and a3rev Support Forum None Yes Yes Yes Free Automatic updates - * New Features, *Tweaks and *Bug Fixes. One click updates from your WordPress Updates dashboard. Yes - lifetime Yes - lifetime Yes - lifetime Yes - lifetime Additional sites - Add Sites at any time to a lifetime license key at an auto 30% discount to the current Lifetime License price. Note Keys can be moved from site to site as you wish, they are not locked to any site. A site is any unique URL e.g - local, dev, staging, live and WPMU child sites. Free Version - Use on as many sites as you like Yes - add additional sites to a lifetime Key as and when required @ US$20.30 / site Yes - add additional sites to a lifetime Key as and when required @ US$34.30 / site Yes - add additional sites to a lifetime Key as and when required @ US$48.30 / site Refunds Yes - 60 days, no questions asked 100% money back guarantee for all purchases (Lifetime Keys and additional sites). Not Applicable Yes for both Lifetime keys and additional sites Yes for both Lifetime keys and additional sites Yes for both Lifetime keys and additional sites wordpress.org to Download plugins product page plugins product page

Contact People Ultimate

Contact People Ultimate is the 'Ultimate' WordPress plugin for creating and displaying Contact Profiles for Groups of People, Organization, Company Departments, Stores, branch locations - just about any Grouping that you want to create. This plugin is available in 3 versions: Free Version - Contact Us Page - Contact People - If you have not already you can Download it here for free at wordpress.org If you already have the Free Version you are most likely here because you want one or more features available in the Premium or the Ultimate version of the plugin. Both the Premium version and the Ultimate version are the Free version with the extra features that they have. Premium Version - Contact Us Page - Contact People Pro. This version has all the Free version features plus  these 3 advanced features - visit the Premium version product page. Ultimate Version - Contact People Ultimate. This version has all the features of the Free and Premium Version PLUS these features. Contact People Ultimate Features: Contact Plugin feature Comparison. Use this table to select the a3rev People Contact plugin that best meets your needs or the needs of your clients: Features Free Premium Ultimate Create Unlimited Profiles with contact details. Yes Yes Yes Contact Us page with Google Map and Profiles. Yes Yes Yes Full Google Map Customization. Yes Yes Yes Show / Don't show map on Contact Us Page. Yes Yes Yes Set number of Profile Contact Grids to show per row. Yes Yes Yes Fully Customizable Contact Us sidebar Widget. Yes Yes Yes Default Profiles Email Contact Pop-up form. Yes Yes Yes Mobile responsive Default Contact Form. Yes Yes Yes Profile Description and website links. Yes Yes Yes Default Contact Form Dynamic CSS Style Editor. yes Yes Yes Email goes direct to each Profile, email address is never visible to prevent spammers scrapping addresses. Yes Yes Yes Works with any WordPress theme. Yes Yes Yes Fully Cross Browsers optimized including IE7 to IE11. Yes Yes Yes Fully responsive, works in all tablets and mobile devices. Yes Yes Yes Fully compatible with WPML, plus full support for LTR text. Yes Yes Yes 3 different Profile Cards Layout options. No Yes Yes Profile Cards Dynamic CSS Layout and Style editor - no coding required. No Yes Yes Profile Image Dynamic CSS layout and style. No coding required No Yes Yes Upload Custom Profile Contact Card Icons. No Yes Yes Create custom Profile contacts forms with Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms Plugins. No Yes Yes Insert Profiles by shortcode on any page or post by Profile shortcode. No Yes Yes Profile shortcode point and click editor – Alignment (same as WordPress images), Profile Card wide, Padding. No Yes Yes Create unlimited Groups and assign Profiles to Groups. No No Yes Assign Profiles to multiple Groups. No No Yes Sort Profile order within each Group. No No Yes Insert Groups in any page or post by Groups Shortcode. No No Yes Insert multiple groups on pages or posts. No No Yes Customize Group display, Number of Profiles per row, Show or don't show Google map with Group, Show or don't show Group title. No No Yes License Type NA Lifetime License Lifetime License Lifetime License Key No Key Lifetime License key for 1 Site @ US$37 once only payment. Lifetime License key for 1 site @ US$47 once only payment. Free Priority Support - Free priority support via the plugins support forum. Only Lifetime License holders have write access to the forum. Support is on a per site basis and is for Life from the date of purchase of the Lifetime License key. Each site added to a lifetime key is covered. None Yes Yes Free Automatic plugin updates - * New Features, *Tweaks and *Bug Fixes. One click updates from your WordPress Updates dashboard. Yes - lifetime Yes - lifetime Yes - lifetime Additional sites - Add Sites at any time to a lifetime license key. Note Keys can be moved from site to site as you wish, they are not locked to any site. A site is any unique URL e.g - local, dev, staging, live and WPMU child sites. Free Version - use on as many sites as you like. Yes - add additional sites to a lifetime Key as and when required @ US$25.90 / site Yes - add additional sites to a lifetime Key as and when required @ US$32.90 / site Refunds Yes - 60 days, no questions asked 100% money back guarantee for all purchases (Lifetime Keys and additional sites). Refund requests must be submitted via the Request a Refund form. Allow up to 5 working days for processing. Not Applicable Yes for both Lifetime keys and additional sites Yes for both Lifetime keys and additional sites wordpress.org to Download plugins product page

WP Email Template

WP Email Template does just 2 things - beautifully 1. Applies a responsive, customizable, optimized HTML email template to every email sent from your WordPress site including plugin generated emails. 2. Easy to use visual editor allows you to customize the style and header, footer content of your WP Email Template to match your site. Your Brand It does not matter if you are running a start-up 1 person blog or an e-commerce site with 1,000's of products you are trying to build a brand - your brand. WP Email Template ensures that when people interact with you via a comment on a blog post, an email inquiry, a purchase transaction, in fact any email communication between your site and them carries your branding. Advanced Style Settings The WP Template allows you to fine tune the style and content of your emails. See the plugins docs for a full description of the options. In addition the WP Email Template has these features: Social media Icons The template allows you to add links to your account on these social media channels with linked icons from the emails footer. * Facebook * Twitter * Linkedin * Pinterest * Google+1 See plugins docs for full description of this feature. Marketing and Promotion The WordPress visual editor in the Footer editor allows you to get very creative in designing your email footer. It turns your emails into a powerful marketing / promotion tool. Every email that goes out from your site should also include marketing and promotional offers. For example if you purchase a plugin right now the email receipt you get will have a footer with a promotional message like this.   Here is an example of a Beautiful template from a clients site in the USA -   Why we built it. We built this plugin because we believe it is important that every contact we have with our clients carries our brand. We just did not like those boring unbranded plain text emails WordPress generates and the unbranded HTML styling some plugins apply to our contact with our customers. So we built the WP Email Template to make sure that every contact our online customers have with us carries our brand. We have used it for a while now and just love it. Our inspiration for the WP Email Template came from the inspired work by the Mike,  James and Coen at WooCommerce. Plugins WP Email Template works with every plugin we have tested it on. Click on the gallery to see larger images of each of the examples below of plugins we use and how they look with the template. * Gravity Forms - looks sensational with the default Gravity style. * Contact Form 7 - see the screenshots * WP e-Commerce - applies the template to every store generated email to customers and admins. Read more about the WP e-Commerce Email Template here. * WooCommerce - if you have WooCommerce installed WP Email Template will replace the WooCommerce Email Template. You can change this in the plugins setting, see how to do this on the plugins docs - Working with WooCommerce Read more about the WooComerce Global Email Template here. * WP Mail SMPT - WordPress Email Template does not interfere with the way any WordPress or any plugin handles email output - it just applies the template to any output content. * BackupBuddy - I love it when even my admin emails are branded - see the screenshots Please let us know if you find a plugin that WP Email Template does not apply your template to that plugins email output. Documentation WP Email Template requires no set up or configuration. As soon as you install and activate the plugin, it applies the default template to all of your emails. If you wish to add your own custom style then visit the plugins admin page and use the simple visual editor. For the absolute WordPress beginner we do have full pictorial documentation on how to find and use the visual editor features. See the plugins documents on line at the a3rev wiki by clicking the Documentation button at the bottom. Localization. If you do a translation for your site please send it to us and we'll include it in the plugins language folder and credit you here with the translation and a link to your site. The Contact us form has a special section for submitting the .po and .mo files that you will find in the language file in the plugin. * English (default) - always included. * Russian - (wp_email_template-ru_RU.po) Thanks to Viktor Demidov *.po file (wp_email_template.po) in languages folder for translations.

WP Rooms and Bookings

WP Rooms and Bookings plugin for WordPress. If you are in the process of making an accommodation site then this is the plugin for you. It is the result of 2 years client development work for Hotels and Motels.  The plugin gives an App like interface for easily and quickly creating eye catching and professional rooms pages that showcases each room types features and information with a ready to load booking button. Fully customizable and can be launched on any WordPress theme. The complete accommodation solution for WordPress. More than just a plugins its a complete accommodation App. FREE lite Version of this plugin will soon be available from wordpress.org (approval pending) Full description coming soon. Plugin wiki docs coming soon (work in progress now) Features - Rooms Widget Slideshow - show a scrolling slideshow of your rooms in the sidebar with a link to the current shown room or to the room category page. - Rooms Categories Widget for easy navigation. - Recently viewed rooms widget - shows visitors a list of your rooms they have been viewing. - On Sale widget - shows a list of rooms with featured image thumbnails of all rooms you have activated the 'on sale' feature on. - Hotel Amenities - creates a Gold Star bullet point list of the Hotels Amenities with a link to a page or post with all the details. - Star Rated Widget - 1 to 5 stars including half star ratings - add your own custom icons.  

a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets

a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets enables you to completely personalize the layout & style of your a3 Portfolio right from the a3 Portfolio dashboard without touching the code.Install the plugin and start styling the Portfolio to match your theme. No coding skills required. Styling a3 Portfolio to Match Your Theme a3 Portfolio is a state of the art plugin with Sass style sheets. There a 2 ways to edits the Sass style sheets. 1. Be or hire an advanced CSS code who is familiar with the Sass language and is able to use .less to recompile the Stylesheets after they are edited. or 2. Purchase a one time payment Lifetime License for a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets Plugin - install it and do it yourself in minutes and tweak the design anytime you like. Sass Dynamic Stylesheets Dynamic Stylesheets allow users to do what advanced CSS coders can do without ever even looking at the code. It is all done from the plugins admin menu via click. As you make style and layout edits with the point and click setting you are actually write code like a CSS / Sass programmer. When click the button your edits are auto recompiled with .less and saved. You style tweaks are showing on the front end for the world to see. Installing Dynamic Style sheets plugin adds the Dynamic Stylesheets menu right into the a3 Portfolio dashboard. Style your Portfolio Item Cards The portfolio Item Cards are the showcase to your images and the gateway to your Portfolio Item content. a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets allows you to create any unique Item card style you want. You will find the style settings for that under the Item Card tab on the Dynamic Style sheets menu. The card style settings are sorted into 3 sub-menus one for each of the Elements that make up an Item card. Below is a image / diagram of the structure of an Image card as a developer views it. Style the Item Expander The Item expander is what you see when you click on a Portfolio Card. a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets enables you to edit not only the expander style but also the layout and style of the content within the Expander. Check out the style that these customers have created with a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets. These site owners are business owners, the only code they have ever heard of is Morse code. Winton Outback Motel, Park Motel. Under the Item Expander tab you will find all of the Dynamic Stylesheet settings to style and change the layout of the Item expander. Below is a image / diagram of the structure of the Item expander as a developer views it.  Style a3 Portfolio Nav Bar Tabs a3 Portfolio Nav Bar Tabs are auto created from the Portfolio Categories that you create and turn OFF to show on the Portfolio page. Portfolio Category Pages and Portfolio Tag Pages. a3 Dynamic Stylesheets allows you to style these to perfectly match your theme. Here is an example. Under the Nav Bar tab you will find all of the settings for creating a tabs design to match your site. Below is a image / diagram of the structure of the Nav Bar Tabs as a developer views it. Lifetime License When you purchase an a3 Portfolio Dynamic Portfolio once only payment Lifetime License you get: 1. The a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets Add-on plugin. 2. Lifetime maintenance updates. 3. Lifetime feature upgrades. 4. Lifetime support for the plugin via Live Chat Express support and via the plugins a3rev support forum. 5. The License comes with 1 site activations. Additional sites can be added to the license at any time at an automatic 30% discount to the current Lifetime License price.

a3 Portfolio Shortcodes

This plugin adds advanced shortcodes feature to the a3 Portfolio Plugin. Use a3 Portfolio Shortcodes to embed the entire Portfolio 0n a page, post or in a widget. The advanced shortcodes embed button can be found on the WordPress Visual editor once the a3 Portfolio Shortcodes plugin is installed and activated. The advanced shortcode embed button looks like this on the editor. Click the button and the Insert Shortcode pop up panel allows you to set the type of Portfolio you want to insert. Insert a Single Item Card The first section of the insert shortcodes menu is for embedding Items Cards into content. We have used the settings to embed 1 Item card into this content. Use the chosen smart selector to find and select any Portfolio Item from all published portfolio items. Once an item is selected then use the style and layout settings create the card size and position in the content. Set the size that you want the card to show in - in this case we selected 300px wide. Then set the alignment of the card. This works just the same as Aligning an image in text. In this case it is 'Left - Wrap' (Card Left and text wrapped to the right). You can even set custom margin around the card. This card has margin set at Top = 0px, Bottom = 5px, Left = 0px and right = 10px. Click on the card and you will see the expander works with shortcode. Insert Multiple Item Cards The advanced shortcodes allows you to select multiple items cards that are displayed in a container. Choose the number of cards to show per row. In this case we have selected 2 Items cards. We have set that the maxim container size in large screens is 600px with  - Aligned to the Right with text wrapped to the Left. Container padding is set at Top = 0px, Bottom = 5px, Left = 10px, Right = 0px Click on either card, you will see the expander open and you will see that the Item Switched < Previous and Next> feature works with single item cards when more than 1 is added by shortcode. Insert A Portfolio Category The next section on the advanced Portfolio shortcode pop up is for inserting portfolio categories. Select any Portfolio category from all categories and all of that categories Item cards will be displayed. After selecting a Category the only other setting is how many item cards should show per row. We have selected to show 4 per row. Notice the Portfolio Category title does not show. Click on any Item card and you will see that the Item Switched < Previous and Next> feature works with categories shortcode. Insert Multiple Categories Add any number of categories including sub categories. Each category selected will show on the Portfolio Nav Bar with all Item cards that are assigned to that category showing when the card is selected. Click the ALL button to see all items in this shortcode embed. In the above example we selected these Prortfolio Categories / Sub categories - Business , Motels, Professional, Sports Clubs. Notice that the  a3 Portfolio Isotope Free add on plugin Nab Bar Sort works with the shortcode. Also notice the Item Switcher feature is also supported with categories shortcode. Insert Portfolio Tags The third section of the advanced Portfolio Shortcode pop up is the ability to insert Portfolio Tags. Multiple Shortcodes on One Post Supports any number of Shortcode inserts on any post, custom post type, page or widget area. As you can see from the different configuration of Item cards inserted by shortcode on this custom post type (WooCommerce Product Page). Shortcode and Template Tags When installed and activated you will see a Shortcodes menu item has been added to the a3 Portfolio menu dropdown. On the Shortcode you will find the Full Portfolio shortcode and template tag for those who want to add the Portfolio by shortcode or want to add it to their theme templates. Also includes template tags for Portfolio Categories, Portfolio Tags and the Portfolio Items cards. Lightweight The Portfolio shortcodes plugin treads very lightly on any site it is activated on. It does this in 2 main ways. Only Loaded when Required. a3 Portfolio shortcode JavaScript assets are only loaded on pages or posts that have shortcodes embedded. This helps page load speed on your entire site as the Shortcode assets are only loaded on urls when the shortcode is present instead of loading on every page. Item Card LazyLoad Item Card Lazyload is a feature of the a3 Portfolio plugin. It is LazyLoad that allows the Portfolio with potentially 100's of items to load quickly.  When items, Categories, Tgas or the entire Portfolio are embedded by shortcode the lazyload is applied. Responsive and Flexible Layout Full PC browser, Mobile and Tablet responsive display is retained with shortcodes. In fact embedding by shortcode gives admin much greater flexibility in creating layouts incorporating Portfilio Item card and additional content (like this page). Full HTML5 card Architecture combined with Masonry flexible card layout. a3 Portfolio Isoptope Sort The super smooth a3 Portfolio Isotope Add-on feature is fully supported in all Portfolio and Item card configurations inserted by shortcode. a3 Portfolio Item Switcher The Item Switcher Add-on allows users to scroll through an entire portfolio from the open item expander. In mobile the user can tap < to switch to the Previous item or > to move to the next item. Mobile also supports touch swipe to next or previous item in the open expander. These features are fully supported in in all Portfolio and item card configurations inserted by shortcode. a3 Portfolio Dynamic Stylesheets Fully compatible with all styles created by admin/ developer using the Dynamic Stylesheets add-on (for non coders) Full Language Support Shortcodes is fully compatible with WMPL and has Back-end and front-end support for RTL display. This plugin is Translation ready. Purchase a Lifetime License This plugin is sold under the a3rev Lifetime License. This is a once only payment and includes: 1. Lifetime maintenance updates. 2. Lifetime Features upgrades. 3. Automatic Updates - works exactly the same as wordpress.org updates - update notices appear on your WordPress admin dashboard and updates can be run from the plugin and theme updates page. 4. Lifetime support for the plugin via Live Chat Express support and via the plugins a3rev support forum. 5. The Lifetime License comes with 1 site activation. 6. Add sites to a Lifetime License when and as you need them at an automatic 30% discount off the current license price. .