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If you are involved in a sporting club you will want to see our latest product. The Ultimate Sports Club website.

We have just launched our first Ultimate Sports Club site – Toowoomba Valleys Junior Rugby League . The club is expecting this site to raise around $20,000 a year in revenue alone as well as it’s many other features. Click here to visit the site.

The Toowoomba Valleys Juniors site has everything that a vibrant progressive sports club could want:

Team Home Pages:

Every Team has its own site on the club site. Each age group has its own ‘Home page’ and ‘Team News ‘ blog. The  Team news blog is updated by a team parent or supporter who takes on the role of that teams ‘Online Editor’.

Each Team Home Page also has button links to each weeks ‘Team, Ground and game Times’, The Team News blog and that age groups Competition ladder which are kept up-to-date by the Teams online editor.

Each Teams Home page has all of the team officials profile, photo, bio and contact details to make it easy for parents and supporters to contact them. That is  coaches, team mangers, Online editors etc

Age group Team blogs with email alerts.

Parents, players, family, supports and fans can sign up to notifications by email on the Teams Home page. Each time a new post is published in that age groups ‘news’ they get an email notification. Means everyone involved with the team is always kept in the loop.

Banner Advertising:

A feature of the site is the banner advertising. Business sponsorship is vital to every club. Our site gives sponsors maximum exposure with the use of banner ads. The header, sidebar and footer sections are for Club Sponsors and each Team News blog shows any teams sponsors banner ad on every post.

This means that the club can sell advertising all over their site. For example at just $30 a month per banner ad a club can make over $20,000 a year from their site whilst giving their business sponsors great exposure in their local community for very little outlay.

Easy Navigation:

Another great feature of the site is the unique Uber Menu – a drop down menu that allows the users to easily navigate this very big site.

People Profiles:

Every club is all about it’s people. Another great feature is the ‘people’ feature that allows editors to add a persons profile with contact numbers and email addresses (hidden) anywhere on the site at the click of a button. Great for showing and being able to contact team and club officials, life members, committee people (contact numbers can be hidden when required)

Social Media Integration:

Another great feature is the integration of the Clubs ‘Facebook’ page with the site.

Club News Blog:

The club itself has it own news blog. An appointed Club ‘Online editor” keeps the clubs latest news updated with the latest post shown prominently on the Home page.

Always Updated:

The Valleys Juniors site has 10 Age Group Online Editors and 1 Club News editor. Each age group online editor posts about their team and the Club editor posts club news. An online editor is a team parent or supporter with a computer, an internet connection, basic computer skills and a couple of hours at home a week to contribute to the team.  Between all the online editors the site is always a fresh and up-to-date source of information for everyone involved in the club.

Events Calender:

Dynamic events calender allows the Club to date claim months and years in advance. The next upcoming events are featured on every page of the site for easy reference.

Full Online tutorials.

The site features online tutorials that show Online editors with even the most basic computer skills how to add post sand content to the site including images and videos

Plus many more features ….

Click here to contact me, if your club is ready for the Ultimate in Sports Club websites.

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