Shady Rest Motel – Advanced Online Accommodation Solution

Just finished and launched our latest site, The Shady Rest Motel Gympie. This site is one of our advanced online accommodation solutions. Visit the site and have a look around. Makes you want to book in.

Click here to go to the Shady Rest site and have a look.

Briefly these are the main features:

Another Advanced Online Accommodation Solution by A3 Web Design.

  • Site features our unique rooms page design which features each of the Motels Room types with advanced image gallery allowing users to do a virtual image tour of each room, along with Room Rates , Max people, Room Features , bedding icons and make a reservation button.
  • Those make a reservation buttons lead to the ‘Make a Reservation‘ form that when completed sends a copy of the booking to the owner and one to the user. All booking are recorded and stored on the sites admin panel.
  • Site features our A3 Reviews. Users can post a review on the motel by creating an account or can log in with their facebook account. The Motel owner can also add any Reviews that have been posted around the web from anywhere e.g tripadvisor, totaltravel, google places. They are all linked to the source for users to authenticate. Owner can also add hand written testimonials under their Shady Rest ‘Off-line’ Reviews.

Reviews are an incredible way to market your product. Its others telling people how good you are. Peer-to-peer marketing.

Below is a more extensive list of the features of each Accommodation Solution that we specialize in.

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