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Today we launch our our most ambitious project yet.  Gympie Accommodation, Dining and Tours has been 3 months in the making.

Its a multi user site that has fully functional mini websites for Accommodation, Dining and Tour business owners in Gympie.

View and book rooms, Gympie Tours. View Restaurants, full menus, prices, opening days and times.

Visit the site here.

Gympie’s premier Hospitality & Tourism website (GADT) is exclusive to a limited number of Gympie Hospitality and Tourism business.

7 Motels – 4 Bed & Breakfast / Guest Houses – 1 Hotel – 6 Restaurant & Dining – 2 Tours Operators

Not listings – Mini Websites

Each Business has its own brilliantly designed fully functional mini website within the hand crafted design and scientifically created layout. Business owners have full access to their mini site and can edit and add content as they wish.

The Gympie Accommodation, Dining & Tours mini sites are designed to put:

Search Engine Placement.

The site has been search engine optimized and will continue to be on an ongoing basis and will soon be highly ranked for the search terms:

  • ‘Accommodation Gympie’
  • ‘Restaurants Gympie’
  • ‘Tours Gympie’
  • ‘Events Gympie’

This means that the businesses with their ‘mini site’ on the premium site will be the first found by people searching those terms. It is as good as all of those businesses having their own site at number one in google. An incredible business advantage over all other businesses in the same local market who are not on the first page of google.

Cross search referrals – Means people searching Gympie Accommodation or Gympie Restaurants or Gympie Tours are finding all three  on the site. People who stay in Gympie are more often than not looking to eat somewhere and have a look around.

Full Booking Features

The site has full Accommodation, Dining & Tours prices, availability and allows users to book and pay on the site.

Accommodation – Virtual Image Room Tours, room features, Current Room Rates, Availability, book and pay

Restaurants – Full Menus with prices – Opening days and Times, contact details and Virtual image tours.

Tours – Tour days, times, prices, tour description, Virtual image tours, book and pay online.

Simple Navigation

The Home page navigation – feature slider is designed to grab visitor’s attention and lead them straight to the GADT businesses mini websites, be they Accommodation, Dining or Tour business on the appropriate listing page – these listings rotate so each business gets equal time at the top of the page.

Accommodation –

Dining –

Tours –

Marketing and Promotion.

GADT News Blog

Businesses market to the world with their very own Gympie ADT blog. The GADT blog has it own email alerts that deliver a stunningly professional email to subscribers. With all the businesses contributing to the blog it will soon be Gympie’s premier Hospitality and Tourism blog – distributed all over the internet via the search engines.

Premier Local Events calendar

Dynamic calendar – each Event creates a feature page which have email alerts. Go to the site and register for your email alert to keep up with the dynamic Gympie Hospitality and Tourism industry there. It’s free and just requires you to enter your email address. This is what will turn up in your mailbox. You can unsubscribe or manage which news you receive at any time.

Top of the search engines, up to date offerings, booking and payment functions, its own built in marketing system plus many other features (user reviews for example). The site is an incredible sales and marketing tool that will put bums in the seats and beds of these Gympie Hospitality and Tourism business owners.

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