• a3 Content Navigation Widget

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    The a3 Content Navigation Widget (CNW) enables allows your readers to instantly scroll to content sections within any page, post or custom post type in PC, tablets or mobiles. Just install the widget in any sidebar area and it will automatically create a 'table of Contents' for the post or page. Each menu item in the table when clicked scrolls that section of the document up into the view port without reloading the page.

  • a3 Google Analytics

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    Full integrate your Google Analytics Account with your website. Easy set up allows you to see at a glance what visitors are coming to your site, where they come from and how they are using it.

  • a3 Lazy Load

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    a3 Lazy Load is a Mobile Oriented, very simple to use plugin that will speed up sites page load speed. The more content heavy your site the better the plugin will perform and the more you will see the improvements in performance. See of a page with 1,000 images (yes 1,000 images) to load.

  • a3 Responsive Slider

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    A beautifully versatile and robust, responsive slider for WordPress.  Create Sliders and add by Widget, shortcode or for developers PHP tag.

  • a3 Timeline

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    a3 Timeline plugin allows easily and quickly build visual historical timelines of your important events and projects. A great addition to your ‘About’ page or for showcasing development and progress of important projects. Show site visitors your company history and important milestones along the journey. The plugins simple admin interface empowers administrators to create and manage timelines quickly, easily and efficiently. Get

  • Doorkeeper

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    Doorkeeper gives site admins the tools required to customise the WordPress login and New Users Registration processes.

  • Page Views Count

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    Places an icon, all time views count and views today count at the bottom of posts, pages and custom post types on any WordPress website.

  • WP Email Template Premium

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    Applies a responsive, customizable, optimized HTML email template to every email sent from your WordPress site including plugin generated emails.Easy to use visual editor allows you to customize the style and header, footer content of your WP Email Template to match your site.