This Video is a must if you are in Business


Yellow pages v's google search

This video is a must for any person in Business. In April this year a SEO firm hit the streets of Melbourne to ask Australians how they find their products and services.

Armed with a camera, a microphone and a handful of questions, they discovered the facts about how Australians are finding what they need in 2010.

If you’re in business and you

  • (a) Don’t have a business website
  • (b) Have one, but don’t appear on page one of google when you search your product or service (try it, but don’t kid thyself – don’t search your business name, search your product or service)

Did you try it? See all those businesses on page one of the search, so can all of the people who do the same search, hope that your business was there?

As the video graphically illustrates, if your business is not one page one of the google search your business has got a big problem.

Don’t panic though, in my next post I’ll show you how, even without a business website you can start to remedy that situation.