Self Managed Websites produce Endless streams of Hot Prospects


At A3 Revolution Web design our mission is to empower our clients to be able to completely manage the business websites we build them. In this post I’m going to explain how being your own webmaster is the key to having an endless stream of Hot Prospects beating a path to your business. Now every A3 website comes preloaded with comprehensive and easy to follow step-by-step tutorials on how to add new pages, edit existing ones, add images, videos, change the layout and manage any special features.

Here’s the kicker ….

…. each site now also comes preloaded with a detailed step by step tutorial on how to fully utilize the Search Engine friendly structures built into their sites. This empowers our clients to get their site highly ranked by the major search engines for any product or service.

This is so important because being highly ranked by the major search engines brings our clients an ongoing and fresh stream of pre-qualified ….

Search Engine Optimization

… to their business.

The internet has billions of pages on it and billions of people searching it. There is only 3 ways that anyone can find your site.

1. Via a Search

2. Via friend recommendation – social media like Facebook, Twitter

3. Via your paid marketing (TV, Newspaper, radio, Business Cards, brochures etc etc)

Search if you make it work for you is by far and away the greatest traffic driver in volume and quality and will result in an endless stream of …..

… to your door.

Here is an illustration:

Say your business sells fridges in Brisbane. I want to buy a fridge so I do what the majority of people in Australia do, I jump on the net or in my case I grab my smart phone out of my pocket and google ‘fridges brisbane’ , here’s what I find …..

…… Google has ranked 2.18 million pages for the search term ‘fridges brisbane’ . That’s a lot, I could be a while. Now I look down the results on the first page and what do I see …….

Search engine optimization

….. the very first listing looks good to me –

‘Cheap new Fridges, Brisbane, 12 months warranty’

everything I need – I’m going to visit the ……

….   Brisbane Wholesale Factory Outlet has no idea that another …..

… has just come to their business. I’ve never heard of them and they don’t even know I exist ……. yet. I’m searching for fridges in Brisbane – because that is where I live and I want to buy a fridge. I’m not searching ‘fridges brisbane’ because I’m a fridge freak. I’m searching because I want to …… buy a fridge .. I’m a ……

….. and depending on if the Brisbane Whitegoods Factory outlet site gives me the information I need, the price I’m happy with and most importantly has a clear call to action ….. who do you think I’m going to call? ……

.….. I might even go back to page one of the search and do a bit more research, scroll down the page and check a couple more, but that is it. I’m gonna call one of those businesses on page one of the search and I’m gonna buy my fridge. Job done – over – and I’m a

Those businesses on Page one of the search have an endless supply of ……

……. as long as they stay on page 1 of the search.

There is only 3 ways to get to page one of the search engine for a product or service.

1. Pay a Search Engine Optimization professional (like me) an ongoing fee to get you there and importantly … keep you there. (average SEO fee is around $1,000 a month)

2. Continually run google pay-per-click adds. Last year businesses worldwide paid google USD$26 billion dollars for pay-per-click advertising.

3. SEO your site yourself.

Here’s a SEO professionals trade secret:

The single biggest factor in getting any site highly ranked by the search engines and then keeping that ranking is adding fresh content. The search engines love a growing site that is properly structured. A growing site will outrank a static site any day of the week.

Moral to this post is:

The number …..

….. thing in getting your sites authority up there with the major search engines is to progressively add fresh content. The more the better.

The number …..

….. thing to have visitors to your site, stay look around and then follow your call to action – (contact you or buy) is fresh, up-to-date content.

The number …..

….. reason that visitors will refer you to their friends and come back to your site themselves is fresh interesting up-to-date content.

When this happens your business website becomes the incredibly powerful sales and marketing tool  it can be, driving an endless supply of …..

….. to your door.

That is why the number ….

….. thing we do for our clients is empowering them to be their own webmasters via our integrated tutorials and our 24/7 lifetime backup and support.

That is why the rapidly growing band of A3 Revolution business website system clients are  ….

….. We’d love to have you as one of our Business clients – END