Power & Cartwright Solicitors Website Launch


Today marks the launch of our latest custom created web design, the Power and Cartwright Solicitors website.

We identified that the Power & Cartwright site should feature the firms 135 year history in a conservative professional manner whilst using the latest technology to convey to the user that this law firm is build on a rock solid & conservative foundation and yet is contemporary, modern and progressive.

I actually went to the location and photographed their historic building ‘Smithfield Chambers’ and we build the site theme from those photographs. The building is now the site, rather than just having photos of the building on a site. The colour scheme comes from the building with the green background and logo taken off the sign that is  at the front of the building.

The sites historic look was completed with solicitors brass plates used for the navigation bar and a brass plaque for their address and contact details. We then used the latest  flash three dimensional image presentation as the feature content on the front of the building to show images that transition every 15 seconds. We then set about finding historic photos to graphically tell the story of Power & Cartwright’s involvement in Gympie’s last 135 years. The client can change these images any time via the easy to use admin panel and hence change the look of the site.

In our web design, we used two separate image gallery technologies to show the Solicitors profiles and the firm’s staff. Again both of these can be easily updated by the client so their information is always current.

Other technologies we used were animated dynamic text drive on a number of the sites pages for example:

Residential Property Conveyancing

The centre piece of the site is the intelligent, dynamic Contact Form that is linked to – from all over the site. In particular this form is a great contact facility to the firm outside of normal business hours. It allows users to send a message, even attach files and know that the firm will respond to them on the next available business day. Other features of this dynamic form technology that we used here are:

  • It sends the user a confirmation email that their message has been received.
  • It can be set to send the users message to multiple recipients withing the firm.
  • A permanent record of the message is recorded in the admin section of the site.

The Power & Cartwright site from inception to launch has taken just on a month to complete. It is a very good example of the unique and fresh web designs that A3 web design team can and does create for our clients.

Of course the site is also fully search engine optimized.

The A3 system allows all of our clients to have a custom created designed site like Power & Cartwright Solicitors or they can still take advantage of these cutting edge technologies we use by utilizing a pre-built and approved theme as the basis for their new site.