Customer Accounts

As soon as you purchase an a3rev software subscription you have:

  • An a3rev ‘Customer’ account auto created for you (if not an existing account holder) from the information entered on the checkout page.
  • As a user with the ‘Customer’ role you have immediate ‘write’ access to the a3rev support forum and same day priority support.
  • Access to your My-Account dashboard where you can see and manage all of your a3rev Orders, Subscriptions and connected sites.

There are 2 types of Pro Licenses:

Legacy Lifetime Licenses

Lifetime License features:

  • Lifetime Licenses where discontinued in late 2016 and have not been offered since
  • All customers existing Lifetime Licenses have been retained and honored.
  • Sites cannot be added to Lifetime Licenses.
  • Lifetime License are now call “Lifetime Subscriptions”

Annual Subscriptions.

Since the depreciation of Lifetime Licenses we offer Annual Subscriptions. Annual Subscription  features:

  • You have 12 months access to priority support via the support forum.
  • 12 months software automatic maintenance updates and features upgrades via connection to the a3API

What Happens if I don’t renew.

  • Your Plugin or Theme will continue to work until it doesn’t.
  • You will no longer get auto maintenance and feature upgrades.
  • You will no longer have support for the plugin or theme.