50,000 Plugin Downloads


On Thursday of this week we passed another bit of a milestone with A3 Rev Plugins passing 50,000 downloads on wordpress.org. Currently an A3 plugin is downloaded from WordPress about every 3 and a half minutes – 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That is getting to be almost good.

Over the past 2 months the Dynamic Gallery plugins (WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce versions) have emerged as our most popular plugins, with both of those plugins looking like they will hit 10,000 downloads each in the next week or so.

In the post announcing 30,000 downloads on the 14th October I wrote:

“Currently on track to release 2 more ‘Lite’ version on WordPress this month and are aiming at releasing 1-2 new plugins each month.”

As you can see from the table below that has not happened.  We released 1 new plugin in November – WooCommerce Widget Product Slideshow. That is not to say we have not been developing new products – we have and you’ll see them come online over the next four weeks. Below is a list of plugins that are finished but won’t be released until after WP v3.5  is released into the wild.

  • WP e-Commerce Widget Product Slideshow (Pro and Lite).
  • Rooms and Bookings (Pro and Lite)
  • People Showcase (Pro and Lite)
  • Clients and Sponsors Showcase. (Pro and Lite)
  • Projects Showcase. (Pro and Lite)
  • WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options (Lite Version)
  • WP Posts and Page Views (pro and Lite)
  • A3 Image Slideshow (Pro Version only)

We have also invested a lot of time over the last 8 weeks in upgrading the features of our existing plugins.

Below is a bit of a time line for the A3 Free ‘Lite’ version plugins.  They are listed in order of release date, number of downloads as at 14th October and as of today.

PluginDate Launched # 14th Oct ’12
# 9th Dec ’12
WP e-Commerce Compare Products….26/02/20124,7485,504
WooCommerce Compare Products15/03/20124,7006,236
WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery14/07/20124,3289,285
WP e-Commerce Dynamic Gallery18/07/20125,5749,293
WP e-Commerce Grid View23/07/20123,6536,022
WP e-Commerce Predictive Search30/07/20121,1212,683
WooCommerce Predictive Search30/07/20121,7963,978
WP e-Commerce Catalog Visibility23/08/20122,8074,448
WP Email Template03/09/20121,2622,787
WooCommerce Widget Slideshow06/11/2012442

There is a number of other plugins and also a huge project in the pipeline – but you’ll hear more about that as we get closer.