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Contact People Ultimate is the ‘Ultimate’ WordPress plugin for creating and displaying Contact Profiles for Groups of People, Organization, Company Departments, Stores, branch locations – just about any Grouping that you want to create.

This plugin is available in 3 versions:

Free Version – Contact Us Page – Contact People – If you have not already you can Download it here for free at

If you already have the Free Version you are most likely here because you want one or more features available in the Premium or the Ultimate version of the plugin. Both the Premium version and the Ultimate version are the Free version with the extra features that they have.

Premium Version – Contact Us Page – Contact People Pro. This version has all the Free version features plus  these 3 advanced features – visit the Premium version product page.

  1. Insert Profile contact cards by shortcode in any post or page
  2. Create unique Profile Email forms by shortcode from the Free Contact 7 and the Premium Gravity Forms plugins
  3. Profile Cards full Dynamic CSS layout and style editor. Create a unique contact card layout and style without touching the theme code.

Ultimate Version – Contact People Ultimate. This version has all the features of the Free and Premium Version PLUS these features.

Contact People Ultimate Features:

  • Create unlimited Groups and assign Profiles to Groups
  • Assign a single Profile to any number of Groups
  • Sort Profile order within each Group
  • Groups shortcode – Insert Groups in any page or post.
  • Insert multiple groups per pages or posts.
  • Shortcode point and click display editor.
  • Set the number of Profiles per row in each group
  • Show or don’t show Google map with Group
  • Show or don’t show Group title above Profiles

Contact Plugin feature Comparison.

Use this table to select the a3rev People Contact plugin that best meets your needs or the needs of your clients:


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