SaferWater eCommerce Website


Floods, fire, cyclones will never close down this business. Businessman Pete Lawrey now has his business SaferWater trading 24/7 – 365 days a year with the launch of his new SaferWater eCommerce website today.  His totally customer focused eCommerce website is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year selling water filters, water purifiers and all of the associated products.

Take a look at the user friendly e-commerce website features of his online store:

Business Bill Board layout-

This is the layout that the worlds largest and most successful companies use ie Apple, MicrosoftBMWMercedes to name a few. I’ll write more about the Billboard layout for business in another post – but its so good because it allows the business owner to feature and constantly change the businesses feature offerings to the sites visitors.

Simple User Navigation.

The Top Navigation bar is on every page so that the user can find their way anywhere and back in about three clicks which is a sign of a great website design.

Pictorial product category pages

-e.g. Complete Water Filtration Systems

Dynamic Product Pages –

Allows the business owner to give the user all the information they need to complete their research and make an informed buying decision all on one page. We have done this by creating 3 pages in one by use of jquery Navigation tabs  – Product Details  – Product Photos – Technical information. See the Super Filter Purifier product page for an example .

Print This Page feature

Allows users doing research to print a hard copy of the page for later reference, complete with images and the businesses contact details.

BUY NOW / ORDER Online Gadget.

This feature of the site allows users to pay for the product online or  uniquely to our site design, to place an online order. This is a great piece of technology that allows the user to see the price of the product, the freight to their destination and then either;

1. Pay for their product and freight with either a credit card or via Paypal

2. If they don’t wish to do that – they can place their order online and the business owner will contact them to arrange payment and delivery.

One of the great features of the Buy Now gadget is that the owner can set any and as many freight destinations as they want and the actual freight to that destination for that product. This means that the owner is not tied to any one freight carrier. If the owner has a cheaper way to ship one particular type of product, ie. Post, Road, Express Courier , Air, Sea to any one destination they can use that freight rate. Its a win for business owner and the customer as they can both be confident that they are always using the cheapest freight rate for any individual product that is available to any destination. This makes the business owner very competitive and is thus a competive business advantage.

E-mail Notifications

The site has subscribe to email updates for their blog. It is exactly the same technology as I use here. It allows the business owner to enter his email data base and they automatically get an email each time he posts a blog. This is vastly superior to Newsletters which are a painstaking time user to produce and send out. Users can manage their subscriptions or opt in or opt out.

Search Engine Optimization

Not only is the site highly search engine optimized to allow high ranking by the major serach engines, but every page on the site is individually search engine optimized and the whole SEO process has been explained to the owner so that he can get any page on the site ranked that he wants for the keywords that he wants.

Site Tutorials

The site is loaded with a full set of comprehensive set by step tutorials that show the owner how to manage anything and everything on his site, from editing, adding new products, marketing and search engine optimization.

For a minuscule investment Pete now has now taken leadership in his industry with:

A dynamic online store

His business is open and trading 24/7 , 365 days a year

His business has no geographic boundaries.

His business is flood, fire, earthquake and cyclone proof.

He has total control of his prices, freight, special offers.

He has an inbuilt powerful marketing system via email and the Search Engines.

His online store is a turn-key operation with online tutorials and back up support that enable him to do anything and everything with his site / store.