Launching Green Cloud Hosting in Australia


Australian Green Cloud Hosting

This week marks another milestone in our business with the build and launch our our new A3 Green Hosting Cloud right here in Australia. To date we have  hosted all of our clients sites on an A3 Cloud located in the USA.

This week we were able to completed the build, testing and lunch of our own A3 Australian Green Cloud and have already migrated some clients sites to the new Australian Green cloud.

The benefits to those Australian based clients migrating their sites from our USA Cloud to our Australian based Green Cloud are:

Green Cloud Hosting Emblem

1. Green Cloud Hosting is at the cutting edge of IT’s contribution to fighting Climate Change – Clients who migrate their sites can show the Green Cloud Hosting emblem on their sites.

2. The websites that we have migrated to our Australian Green Cloud Hosting are loading 2 to 3 times faster for Australian users.

3. Local Search Engine Optimization is dramatically enhanced with Google, Bing and Yahoo as the Country of Origin of the sites IP address is Australia and not the USA.

“Working towards a sustainable
future with green cloud hosting”

Our new cloud is built on the same Cloud infrastructure as these iconic Australian organizations – Bob Jane, Forty Winks, The McGrath Foundation, Pancake Manor, Horseland, Clark Rubber, MSD

Why Green Cloud Hosting ?

Less energy consumed. It takes far less natural resources and energy to run a handful of centralized data centers than running hundreds or thousands of individual networks that often do not use resources to their fullest. The A3 Green Cloud is built and configured using the CloudLinux operating system so that each site has its own virtual private server with allocated resources.

It is this Virtual Private Server environment that makes our Cloud one of the most energy efficient in the country and hence entitles those clients whose sites are hosted on our Cloud to show the Green Cloud emblem on their sites.

Other benefits of Cloud Hosting to the environment include.

Less physical space requirements. With centralized locations for public cloud computing, organizations no longer must dedicate large areas of physical space to house IT equipment. If every company reduced their required floor space by just 400 square feet, imagine the materials and associated energy savings for commercial construction.

Less IT hardware required. Cloud computing uses data banks and uses fewer servers, towers, monitors, and other hardware components to accomplish the same tasks.  Once optimized, one centralized server does the work of three or four partially used servers.

Less IT hardware waste. Toxic chemicals, carcinogens and heavy metals are all part of the make up of a computer and the more efficient we are the less overall waste.

We will be updating this blog with a post about each client who has up migrate their site to our new Green Cloud Hosting here in Australia.