Nguyen on Da Nang Streets after Typhoon Nari


On Tuesday the deadly Typhoon Nari struck Da Nang City Vietnam – home of the a3rev development team. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all those whose homes where flooded, destroyed or damaged, but especially that lost family and loved ones.

From the Australian Newspaper online.

THE death toll in Vietnam in the high winds and rain triggered by Typhoon Nari has risen to 18, with three still missing, authorities say.

Whilst it was an incredibly scary and sad event thankfully none of the a3rev team or their families where harmed. The a3rev development centre is in the heart of Da Nang and was shut early Monday so all could go home and prepare for the Typhoon.

The dev centre had some damage but the team where there first thing on Wednesday morning for the clean up and we where back in action that day.

On Tuesday afternoon after the super storm had passed, a3rev’s Lead developer Nguyen Cong Tuan road his Honda Air Blade from his home to the dev center to check the damage. Below are 4 videos Nguyen took with his new  Sony Xperia Z phone as he rode through the Da Nang streets after Typhoon Nari. Here is a link to a Google map showing the route he took for anyone who knows Da Nang and is interested.