WP e-Commerce Product Reviews

WP e-Commerce Product Reviews

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WP e-Commerce Product Reviews are a powerful marketing tool that engages users and the magic of peer-to-peer marketing that builds potential clients / customers trust and confidence and results in more sales off your sites.

WP e-Commerce Product Reviews and Ratings is plug and play and works on any WP e-Commerce product page that you choose to have reviews on.

We use it on this site – On any product page where you see the Reviews tab has a number on it click on the tab to read the review – you’ll see this:

WP e-Commerce Product Reviews

Product reviews written by customers who use the products are extremely helpful to customers how are looking at the product. They are third party, independent and unbiased.


Here is a quick list of just some of the features:
WP e-Commerce Product Reviews, facebook integration:

  • Users can log in and post a review using their facebook account. When they do the plugin uses their facebook profile photo and name and their review is shared with all of their facebook friends. The plugin also allows the user to auto join your facebook fan page and auto post the review to your page as well.


WP e-Commerce Product Reviews with facebook account login


  • If they don’t have a facebook account or don’t want to use it to post the review they register on your site as user and write their review.


WP e-Commerce Product Reviews with WordPress log in


  • User can post up to 4 images with their review.


WP e-Commerce Product Reviews other Sources

Good Product reviews and testimonials are gold for any business no matter what form they come in – review sites, written testimonials, thank you notes, emails. WP eCommerce product reviews and ratings enables you to add them all to your site no matter what the source. Via the plugins admin panel you set up the External Source account and then add the reviews.

Here is an example of a client posting product client reviews off a manufacturers site to launch the product on their own site.


Use WP e-Commerce Product Reviews to post reviews to post reviews on any product from any source.


How you use WP e-Commerce Product Reviews and ratings is only limited by your imagination. You can even use it to review the reviews like we have here.


 Total Control:

One of the features you will love about this WP e-Commerce Product Reviews is that it gives you total control over reviews on your site:

  • Editing control of all reviews – to control spam or malicious postings.
  • Admin control over the look and feel of your reviews – without having to write code.
  • Easy set up of your facebook integration / API creation
  • Add reviews from any other source eg. other sites, written testimonials, thank you notes, emails etc.
  • Show links to the source for verification and credibility.
  • Use a universal rating system that applies to any product, service, business or organization.


Show / Don’t Show Reviews

You can choose to have product reviews on any product or on the products edits screen you can turn them off for that product. When you install and activate the plugin it auto adds a sidebar widget to the every product page. To turn off reviews for the product just un-tick the box and update the post.



Pages auto added to your site.

The WP e-Commerce Product Reviews plugin auto adds all of the user form pages to your site. The plugin auto detects and uses your theme fonts, styles, size and colours. Here is the form users see when they click the Write A Review button.



Once they have registered or signed in – this is the write a review form they are auto redirected to:



And when they post their review the plugin auto takes them to your Thank You page that it creates when you activate the plugin:



Our video production team put together this quirky little video on this awesome plugin.

WP e-Commerce Product Reviews Video.

WordPress Compatibility

This plugin is tested 100% compatible with WordPress 3.4.1 and WP e-Commerce 3.8 to

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