WP e-Commerce Grid View

WP e-Commerce Grid View

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Install WP e-Commerce Grid View to showcase your products using a grid view layout. Grid view gives your front end user a greatly enhanced browsing and shopping experience on your site.

Responsive Grid View

If you are using a Responsive Theme WP e-Commerce Grid View Pro automatically detects that and flows seamlessly with the themes grid view template in mobile devices. But it just does not reduce in size to fit the screen it is being viewed in. Instead it breaks down to the appropriate number of columns for the screen wide. For example

A site displays 3 Columns of Grid View Products in a 1280px resolution PC Screen.

Viewed in a iPhone in Portrait Grid View Breaks down to a single column. Turn the phone to landscape and depending on the wide of the phone (iPhone 5 is wider in landscape than iPhone 4) Grid View will show 1 or 2 columns.

The plugin activates the  grid view functionality on WP e-Commerce when installed and activated.

Grid View Auto Image Scaling

Grid View Image Scaling will enhanced your shoppers visual experience.

Download WP e-Commerce Grid view for free from WordPress. However if your are trying to create a unique shopping experience for your customers by using grid product layout then you will want to go that little bit further with grid view image scaling. See the dramatic difference in visual experience image scaling makes.

Here is a grid view of 4 products without scaling.

The same 4 images with Grid View image scaling.

Image scaling creates a far superior visual experience for the front end user – the customer. That is why we believe that it is a must have feature that is well worth the small investment.

Category Image Thumbnail Scaling.

In WP e-Commerce with Grid View activated if you want Categories to show in Grid View you must activate and configure for each Product category. Image Scaling and Responsive display automatically apply to Category Grid View Images.

Single Product Pages.

WP e-Commerce Grid View only scales the Grid View images – not your single product page images. For that feature we suggest that you also look at the WP e-Commerce Dynamic Gallery plugin. Together the two plugins will go a long way towards creating a unique visual shopping experience that your customers are looking for.

Instillation Tip:

If you have the Lite version installed deactivate it before you install the Pro version, otherwise you may get an ‘failed’ to install notice when you try to install this Pro version. Always a good idea to delete the Lite version after you have activated Pro. It is ‘best practice’ to always delete deactivated plugins if you are not intending to reactivate them soon.


This plugin is tested 100% compatible with WordPress 3.7 to 4.0 and WP e-Commerce version and backwards.