WP e-Commerce Dynamic Gallery

WP e-Commerce Dynamic Gallery

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WP e-Commerce Dynamic Product image Gallery brings your product pages and presentation alive. Beautifully with great flexibility.

WP e-Commerce Dynamic Gallery Pro Features

Just install and activate the gallery and it automatically adds the Dynamic gallery to every single product page on you site with these features:

NEW – Option Images show in Gallery when user selects.

Ever wished that on your products that have variations – that when users selects an Option that the Variation image would just auto show in the image gallery? That is right – if they select a Blue Shirt with short sleeves in size large they can see that Large Blue Short Sleeve shirt in the image gallery or Green or Red or Black – whatever it is they want to see. Well now they can with this brand new feature we have added to the Dynamic gallery.

  • Beautiful Dynamic Gallery presentation of your catalogs products
  • Fully Responsive or use as fixed pixel wide on any theme
  • Gallery image manager greatly simplifies the management of product and now variation images.
  • Search Engine Friendly Images.

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Show Options (Variations) Images in Gallery

WP e-Commerce Dynamic Gallery is already one of the most popular WP e-Commerce product image Galleries  but it just went to a new level with the ability to use the Gallery to manage and show actual product variation images as the are selected by the user.

As the user selects options from the product page ‘Choose an Option’ Drop down the images you have assigned to that variation auto show in the Gallery. The graphic below shows you how that works or go straight to the Demo site and take a look – it’s stunning.

Image Legend

1. Gallery shows when the page loads – variations are set at Choose an option and the gallery loads the featured image first and shows all images in order.

2. User selects the Large option and all variation images for this product assigned to the large attribute show. The example you see on the demo there are 4 Colours – Black, Red, Green and Blue and large comes in Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve so the gallery will show all 4 colours in short sleeve and Long sleeve. A user can scroll through all the ‘Large’ T Shirt images.

3. Now the user refines their selection to ‘Large ‘ Green’ – there are only 2 images – ‘Large Green Short Sleeve’ and ‘Large Green Long Sleeve.

4. Finally the user Selects ‘Large Green Long Sleeve’ and sees their selection in the gallery.

The images change in a ‘blink of the eye’ and it is very engaging.

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Responsive Gallery.

The Gallery works beautifully on traditional fixed pixel width and height themes, but by changing one setting on the admin panel it is transformed into a fabulous responsive image gallery. Even the image Zoom pop ups display beautifully in even the smallest phone screens.


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Image Scaling

WP e-Commerce Dynamic Gallery scales your images to perfection automatically and every time. Images are scaled from the centre of the frame and show perfectly regardless of the image dimension even the image thumbnails.

Deactivate / Activate Gallery on any Single Product Page.

When WP e-Commerce Dynamic Gallery is activated the Gallery is automatically added to every single product page. If you have products that only have a single product and you don’t want the gallery, then just click the check box on the Gallery Images meta manager on the single product page to deactivate the gallery for that product.

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Completely Customizable

WP e-Commerce Dynamic Gallery is the most flexible and customizable WPEC product image Gallery on the market. The admin settings allow you to completely customize the style, layout and operation of your Gallery without touching a line of code. For the extensive list of customizable settings visit the plugins wiki documentation.

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