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Unable to activate Pro version

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    Hi. I updated my plugin the other day, but now WooCommerce Widget Product Slider Pro won’t activate on my site. My site is: http://www.fsuh.fo. What could be the reason?


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    Steve Truman

    Hi Janus,

    Off the bat I do not know why that would be. Last month we released a very big Feature upgrade version 1.7.0

    = 1.7.0 – 2016/09/23 =

    In that version anyone who had a WooCommerce Widget Product Slider Lifetime License was auto upgraded to the WooCommerce Product Slider and we have dropped the Widget product Slider from our offering. To date we have not had any issues with that. But perhaps if you where running a old version and tried to upgrade it may be the cause. Also with the new version you do not need a license key to activate it – we now have a3 License Manager plugin that is installed to connect for auto updates and support.

    Janus I think we need to take a look at what is going on there for you. Can you please set me up a wp-admin access account and an ftp access account (because i need access to the files), Can you please set those up and either post the details here as a [ ] Private reply (only you and i can see those and I will remove them as soon as i see them as double security) or is you would rather email the creds to me.

    Janus please use the email address support at a3rev dot com to set up the admin account and send them by email when the account is created.

    Otherwise need to know

    Link to wp-login page
    username and password

    ftp hostname
    username and password.

    If you want to email all of that please use the support at a3rev dot com email address.

    If you can do that soon we will sort this for you straight away.


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    Steve Truman

    Hi Janus,

    Thank you for the wp-admin and ftp creds. As it turns out we only needed the wp-admin access.

    When we logged in we saw that the Free version of the plugin was installed and activated and the Premium version was deactivated, So we deactivated it – see screenshot

    free version

    Then we activated the Premium version – see screenshot

    Premium version

    and check on the frontend of the site and see that all is fine.

    Janus while we where there we installed the a3 License manager plugin and added your key. As i mentioned earlier you no longer need to enter the key to activate the plugin – just need to install the a3 license manager plugin and add the key there to receive maintenance updates and feature upgrades and support.

    You will find the a3 License Manger menu in the dashboard submenu – see screenshot

    a3 License manager dashboard

    Janus the new WooCommerce Product Slider plugin has many more features such as insert slider by shortcode, a Product Card skin option and more – you should have a look on the plugins menu which can be found as a submenu of the WooCommerce menu – see here


    Janus after you have checked out the slider on the frontend there is one option that you should change for advance load performance. On the [Settings] tab you will see the + Slider cache option box. Current we have Localstore cache turned OFF. Once you have finished checking the slider on the frontend and making any chnages you want you should turn that back ON. See screenshot of that option

    localstore cache


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