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Thumbnails and image optimization

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Feature Suggestion
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    Benny Powers

    Product slider is slowing down my homepage loading time. Is the slider programmed to automatically seek out the appropriate thumbnail size for the frame?

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    Tuan Nguyen

    Hi Benny

    Thanks for you suggestion, you are correct, the plugin should have option on widget or shortcode for admin can choose the image size, for example if show the slider on full wide content then can use large size like current, if slider is put on small widget area then can select the medium size or small size.

    We will add that feature on next version of plugin, will notify to you when that is release, current we have busy for Responsi Framework and will send out it to WordPress on next time. You can manual change image size to ‘medium’ at the line code 66 of php file on this path /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-widget-product-slideshow-pro/includes/class-legacy-api.php like below

    $image_size = 'medium';

    See the screenshot

    Change image size to medium

    Or download the php file that i just send to your email on a3rev and override it to above path


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    Tuan Nguyen

    Hi Benny,

    We just release new version with feature allow select image size on each widget or shortcode, please have look the changelog

    = 1.8.0 – 2016/09/22 =
    * Feature – Plugin Framework Mobile First focus upgrade
    * Feature – Massive improvement in admin UI and UX in PC, tablet and mobile browsers
    * Feature – Introducing opening and closing Options Boxes on admin panels
    * Feature – Update for compatibility with new a3 License Manager plugin
    * Feature – Show admin notification box re installing a3 License Manager plugin to manage license key and auto upgrades
    * Feature – Added Font editor ‘Line Height’ option
    * Feature – Added Next | Previous Slider Icons settings option to style those icons
    * Feature – Added support for select image size to use from each widget and shortcode
    * Tweak – Move Plugin menu to as submenu of WooCommerce menu
    * Tweak – Removed tracking code from plugin
    * Tweak – Removed auto upgrading code from plugin
    * Tweak – Remove confirm license key form at first activate the plugin
    * Tweak – Can use the plugin without entering license key but can’t auto upgrade when have new version
    * Tweak – Update select type of plugin framework for support group options
    * Tweak – Update Typography Preview script for apply ‘Line Height’ value to Preview box
    * Tweak – Update the generate_font_css() function with new ‘Line Height’ option
    * Tweak – Replace all hard code for line-height inside custom style by new dynamic ‘Line Height’ value
    * Tweak – Register fontawesome in plugin framework with style name is ‘font-awesome-styles’
    * Tweak – Make slider compatible with Caching plugins for mobile display
    * Tweak – Support responsive for slider when browser window is resized
    * Tweak – Carousel auto change visible number when window is resized
    * Tweak – Update product_slider.backbone.js script to support new features
    * Tweak – Update dynamic style for new features
    * Tweak – Update text domain for full support of translation

    * Tweak – Make upgrade function to convert old data to new data to work on this version
    * Tweak – Update all admin menu option titles and help text
    * Tweak – Tested for full compatibility with WordPress version 4.6.1
    * Tweak – Tested for full compatibility with PHP 7.0
    * Credit – Thanks to Michael Bennewitz for the make Carousel auto change visible number of slides when window is resized Tweak suggestion
    * Credit – Thanks to Benny Powers for the set image size to be used from each widget and shortcode feature

    You should upgrade to this version when it’s available from your Dashoard or click on Check Now button from plugin settings if don’t want to wait within 24 hours


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