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    Michael Millett

    I updated my plugin and have purchased Pro, but since updating, I have a permanent banner in my admin saying ‘thanks for upgrading… please run database sync’. I click the big blue ‘Start Sync’ button, but nothing happens. I’ve removed the ps_ tables, deactivated and reactivated, and still nothing. Running WP 4.7.1 and woocommerce 2.5.5. I can’t just ‘upgrade woocommerce to the latest’ due to incompatibility with their new shipping tables, so I’m hoping you can offer some advice.


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    Steve Truman

    Hi Michael,

    Had a look and see that the Search is working on the front end of you site and that means that the sync has happened – which is good news.

    The other thing that I see is that the plugin was purchased in November 2015 – at which time the version was 3.0.3 and that you have just upgraded straight from that to the current version 4.0.2. This in itself may have caused some issues was the have been 22 version releases in that time with approx 50 new features, 100+ Code tweaks and 20 odd bug fixes.

    That compounded with the fact that you are running a version of WooCommerce that is 10 months old with again many tweaks and over 100 bug fixes may well be contributing to the issue you are seeing.

    Michael you sound like you are using a shipping plugin that has not been upgraded in 10 months. That is a real issue especially since WooCommerce version 2.7.0 is out soon and it has many new features including adding JSON REST API endpoints for shipping.

    The shipping plugin developer needs to upgrade their plugin or you need to change to a shipping plugin that is supported (kept compatible with WooCommerce).

    If you do not do this then before very long you will see more and more errors on your store and or your site will be hacked. Some of the WooComerce release version since 2.5.5 contain security patches.

    Any sort of error on you store can potentially cost you sales – it is very important to keep all of you software up to date for that and security reasons.

    I would suggest if you have not already to deactivate and delete WooCommerce Predictive Search and then install the latest version again which you can download from the ‘Downloads’ section of you customer dashboard https://a3rev.com/my-account/

    Before you deactivate please got to the plugins admin panel and open the + Plugin Framework Global Settings option box – see screenshot


    On that options box at the bottom turn ON the Clean up on Deletion option – “On deletion (not deactivate) the plugin will completely remove all tables and data it created, leaving no trace it was ever here.” See screenshot of that option

    clean up

    Then scroll to the bottom of the boxes and save changes – see screenshot


    Then go to the WordPress plugins menu and deactivate the Predictive Search plugin and then delete it. Then install the latest version that you downloaded from you a3rev My Account and activate it. You will then be prompted to run the sync.

    IMPORTANT! Michael please note if you do that you will have to start again with the plugin set up – that is you will have to put the search boxes back on your site (by Widget / php tag or shortcode – whatever you used to make search boxes) and configure that.

    If you have any issues doing that please let me know.


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    Michael Millett

    Thanks or the reply. I do understand that i’m incurring unwelcome technical debt by allowing an old plugin to prevent me from updating others. It’s on my list to find a replacement, but its a big deal as you obviously know.

    The search works on the customer facing side because I exported my pre update ps_posts table prior to uninstalling and reinstalling the search plugin. The sync is not working to get new product in or old product out, but the search is working thanks to the the ‘snapshot’ table, which I guess I’ll just have to get by with for now.

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    Steve Truman

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your reply. An alternative would be for us to provide you with an older version of predictive search – when you purchased the plugin in November 2015 – the version was 3.0.3 – since then we have released 22 new versions – that is a massive upgrade with those 22 versions containing 49 new features, 100+ code tweaks and 20 bug fixes.

    Here is the link to the plugins changelog where you can see all of those.

    You may not know what version you where running before you upgraded – maybe it was just from the original version 3.0.3 —> to current version 4.0.2? If you do know the version and if you want to roll back just let me know and will send it to you via email. If you don’t know I’d suggest version = 3.5.0 – 2016/07/04 =. You won’t have many of the new features (31) and tweaks released since then but you won’t see that message on the backend either.


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