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Shop page no longer displaying products

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    Jay Kamins

    Hi, we’ve been using Product Sort and Display premium for over a year without issue, but there appears to be a problem displaying products now. We suspect this may have occurred since updating the WooCommerce plug in.

    Our shop page at is no longer able to display products while your plug in is active. The page’s content area comes up blank, though the rest of the page loads as expected.

    When we disable the Sort and Display Premium plug in, the categories/products appear again and are able to use the default WooCommerce shop functionality. We’ve made sure all plug ins are updated and did several tests to see if it was any other plug in conflict, but it seems to be related specifically to Sort and Display Premium.

    Thanks for your attention and let us know if you’d like to investigate our site specifically to see if there are any other factors.

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    Steve Truman

    Hello Jay

    It sounds to me that you have some other plugin or theme that has a broken JavaScript that is blocking Sort and Display JS from loading.

    You could activate Sort and display and if you know how open the page in Chrome or Firfox and use the inspector to see if there are any broken JS – if you don’t know how to do that then we will do it for you.

    I say that because we have had not had any reports of issues with the plugin and current versions of WP or WC – and we use the plugin in our own client work a lot and not seen any issues and all client sites are running WP 4.7.1 and WC 2.6.13 ( current versions)

    If you want us to look at it for you please set us up wp-admin and ftp access to your site so we can debug the issue for you.

    You can either post the creds on here in a [] private reply (only you and I can see that) or if you would prefer you can email those to us using this address support at a3rev dot come ( it is written like that so that spam bot crawlers can’t recognise it as an email address)

    We need
    WP-ADMIN access to get to the plugins dashboard – user Role Adminstrator
    1. Link to your login page
    2. username and password.

    The best way to do that is when setting up that admin access account use the email address support at a3rev dot com and check to send the new account notification by email – that looks like this

    send creds

    FTP access
    1. Hostname
    2. username and password.

    Once we have those we will be able to help you


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