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Reply to email in header

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    Rachel Chipp

    I need to be able to reply to the emails easily that come into my mailbox and would like to add the reply email to the header of the email instead of clicking on it within the email. How do I change the from address to be the email address from the client instead of my website admin email?

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    Tuan Nguyen

    Hi Rachel

    I still see reply email is from client so that you just simple click on Reply to reply to him

    see my screenshot


    Also we don’t allow change the from address as client so that email can go to spam box or can’t send


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    Rachel Chipp

    When I fill out a form and click send it puts the reply to email address in the body of the email and not in the from or cc section. How can I have reply email address put into the header of the email. Maybe it’s a backend configuration thing I’m missing. See image below.


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