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    Andrea Guerra

    Hello, I bought your plug-in that I find useful for my site.

    Use the contact to the product page via shortcode of woocommerce, and wanted to ask if it was possible to show randomly at every refresh of a different profile page belonging to a particular group.


    Electronics Products -> Smartphone -> Group Profiles random “Commercial Smartphone”

    electronic products -> Notebooks -> Group Profile random “Commercial Notebook”

    That is, I would like to see a different profile for each page load and not always just one profile.

    I have many products, and many agents working for me, and it’s really difficult to put them one by one, so I ask if there is the possibility of a random insertion at every refresh of magina perhaps through the shortcode profiles.

    I hope you answer fast, got stuck with the job.
    Thank you

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    Tuan Nguyen

    Hi Andrea

    I can see what you mean, we will add that as new options for sort on next version from shortcode
    I will add this Topic State to Added to Road Map


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    Andrea Guerra

    Hello, since I should finish the site as soon as possible because I should start with a franchise, can you tell me when you think will come out this possibility?

    For me it is important that at every refresh of the page to appear every time a new “consultant” in the product, so I can give the opportunity to all of my work and the user consultants who visit the site can also see company size.

    Also because it would be difficult to update all the products by placing hand from time to time each consultant.

    I hope you answer me as soon as possible

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