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Need more Social Network options!

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    Randall Nieukirk

    This plugin is awesome, except for the fact that it needs to have many more Social Network options. It would be great if the site Admin could input:

    1. Social Network Name
    2. URL
    3. Icon image

    This way we can add any and all of the Social Networks (including our own RSS feed) that our businesses use. The limited number of choices in this plugin for Social Networks is VERY limited. This needs to be expanded and improved.

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    Steve Truman

    Hi Randall,

    Thank you for the feature suggestion – I think it is a good one and something that is already on the plugins development roadmap. I have a pretty good feeling that it will be in the next ‘Feature Upgrade’ release. Cannot give you a date for that yet – but it will be ‘sooner rather than later’

    I will change your topic status tag on this to [ Added to Roadmap] and update you on here when the *Feature Upgrade version is released.

    Thanks again


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    Thijs Viguurs

    Hi There,

    it’s more than a year later. Any news on this?

    Or maybe you know a workaround: I want to change google+ into something else (snapchat that is)

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