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Having to put the activation code in every day.

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    Lois Nicholas

    We have had to put in the activation code for the plugin daily, otherwise only the short code displays where the slider should be. I bought a new subscription to the plug-in and entered in the new activation code, but I am still having the same problem. Can you provide support, please?

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    Steve Truman

    Hello Lois,

    Thank you for choosing a3 Responsive Slider for you project.

    Lois are you running the latest version of the plugin. That is version 1.6.0 released on the 2016/11/02 ( 20 days ago ).

    Can you please check that and if not upgrade it – I don’t think from what you have written that you did not downloaded and installed the latest version.

    Please check the plugins dashboard and if you see the update available please run it – you will be then prompted to install the a3 License Manager plugin and add the key there.

    This is the changelog for version 1.6.0 with the items applicable to the change in the license key that should rectify that issue for you.


    = 1.6.0 – 2016/11/02 =
    * Feature – Added Font editor ‘Line Height’ option
    * Feature – Upgrade Slider Skins Control icons to font awesome icons.
    * Feature – Added full dynamic style options for the control icons
    * Feature – Added option to set the Control icons position on the slider. Top, Centre, Bottom and Left, middle, right
    * Feature – Update old media uploader to new WP media uploader when Add/Edit Slider
    * Feature – Update for compatibility with new a3 License Manager plugin
    * Tweak – Removed tracking code from plugin
    * Tweak – Removed auto upgrading code from plugin
    * Tweak – Remove confirm license key form at first activate the plugin
    * Tweak – Can use the plugin without entering license key but can’t auto upgrade when have new version
    * Tweak – Update select type of plugin framework for support group options
    * Tweak – Update Typography Preview script for apply ‘Line Height’ value to Preview box
    * Tweak – Update the generate_font_css() function with new ‘Line Height’ option
    * Tweak – Replace all hard code for line-height inside custom style by new dynamic ‘Line Height’ value
    * Tweak – Register fontawesome in plugin framework with style name is ‘font-awesome-styles’
    * Tweak – Update dynamic style for new features
    * Tweak – Update text domain for full support of translation with new name for translate file is ‘a3-responsive-slider.po’
    * Tweak – Define new ‘Ajax Multi Submit’ control type with Progress Bar showing and Statistic for plugin framework
    * Tweak – Define new ‘Ajax Submit’ control type with Progress Bar showing for plugin framework
    * Tweak – Update plugin framework styles and scripts support for new ‘Ajax Submit’ and ‘Ajax Multi Submit’ control type
    * Tweak – Tested for full compatibility with WordPress version 4.6.1
    * Tweak – Show admin notification box re installing a3 License Manager plugin to manage license key and auto upgrades
    * Fix – Headers already sent warning. Delete trailing spaces at bottom of php file

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    Lois Nicholas

    Okay I bought a new subscription of the plugin so now I have the most recent version. However, now I have to recreate the sliders that I used to have. Can you tell me where the automatic transition option is? My slider skin used to transition automatically from one image to the next, but now I only see the option to add buttons to move to the next image.

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    Steve Truman

    Hello Lois,

    Sorry for the issues you are having.

    Re this
    “However, now I have to recreate the sliders that I used to have. “

    Lois if you deleted the version that was on your site – then installed the latest version – which I think you must have – that will be why you have had to start again. Deleting most any plugin will delete all of its data. If you had just run the auto update – or if that was not showing manually update by ftp no data would have been lost.

    If you have an archived site backup of the database we could help you recover the old data if you have many sliders to recreate. If we can help with that please let me know.

    re this
    “Can you tell me where the automatic transition option is?”

    Lois it on each slider edit panel – go to the Responsive slider menu and click on sliders – see screesshot


    Then edit any slider – when the edit panel opens – click on the Transitions Effects tab – Image Transition Timing option – see screenshot



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